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Planets activating the Sun/Neptune midpoint (☼ ♆)

Planets activating the Sun/Neptune midpoint (☼ ♆)

Planets activating the Sun/Neptune midpoint (☼ ♆) 150 150 John Sandbach

Principle: Subtle forces affecting one’s vitality. Psychic sensitivity which can potentially drain one’s energy. To be idealistic and possibly unrealistic about one’s goals. To place importance on self-sacrifice and to feel that it makes life meaningful. Mystical or visionary insight. To engage in self-glorifying imaginings.

Process: The development of the ability to perceive the Spiritual Light’s meaning and purpose in greater and greater depth, to the point that one realizes with absolute clarity the infinite and infinitely varied connections of all aspects of all universes.

Moon: Being receptive to subtle forces, which can empower or drain one, depending on whether one takes them in randomly, or, through an act of will attains to a higher vibrational level. Emotional upsets may drain one’s vitality and/or create subtle imbalances that may have far-reaching effects. One derives a feeling of security from being able to see into the deeper meanings at work behind all life’s phenomena.

Mercury: Communication which has an imaginative vitality, or a subtle purposefulness, but which might also display a diffusion, confusion or uncertainty that makes it difficult for others to perceive what one’s purpose is. Bringing hidden things to light when one speaks. A mind which fantasizes about the future.

Venus: A love of bringing subtleties to light and of exploring the imagination and realms beyond the physical. A love nature which thrives on idealism and which may tend to idealize the loved one. To be a person who is self-sacrificing in love relationships.

Mars: Taking action to help other people because of high-minded, humanitarian concern for them. One’s actions rendered ineffective or unfulfilling due to unrealistic goals or an impractical approach to them, or a confusion as to what one’s purpose is. A driving urge to realize spiritual an/or high-minded goals.

Jupiter: An enthusiasm for helping others and for being self-sacrificing. Having great enthusiasm for mystical experiences and the psychic realms, and possibly going toward excess where these are concerned.

Saturn: Being inhibited because one fears being hurt due to one’s sensitivities. Being cautious about revealing one’s sensitivities. Being oppressed by negative psychic energy and the need to learn how to protect oneself from it. Frustration due to having goals that are unrealistic or too idealistic to reach.

Chiron: Your energy helps people to become more aware of subtleties, and to bring their intuitions to light. Through you others come to an awareness of the deeper and hidden meanings in their existence, and this heals them.

Uranus: Sudden or unexpected intuitive awareness. To have unique insights into the subtleties of meaning within phenomena and into the nature of realms beyond the physical plane. An upset due to one’s psychic sensitivity.

Pluto: Unrelenting psychic sensitivity whose purpose is to bring transformation into one’s life. Obsessiveness which may have a weakening effect on one’s vitality. One feels intensely the importance of all the hidden energies at work in life, and needs to contact those and work with them as a means of furthering one’s evolution.

Node: Being connected to people who either drain one psychically, or uplift one through their higher vibrations. Wishful thinking and fantasizing about goals needs to be transformed into a real dedication to fulfilling one’s visions.

Ascendant: To project oneself onto the world as being a person of great sensitivity. One’s awareness of one’s deeper and hidden aspects has a sustaining and enriching effect on one’s identity, or, if negatively expressed, one’s self-idealization results in nothing more than living a fantasy about oneself.

Midheaven: A desire to be self-sacrificing to help the world. One’s life’s work involves using one’s psychic sensitivity and/or one’s imagination. Revealing to the world the subtler meanings behind life.

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