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Planets activating the Saturn/Midheaven midpoint (♄ MC)

Planets activating the Saturn/Midheaven midpoint (♄ MC)

Planets activating the Saturn/Midheaven midpoint (♄ MC) 150 150 John Sandbach

Principle: The finding of true spirituality through union with the Spiritual Light. Difficulties in allowing in spiritual messages. The need to listen to the spiritual self within rather than to outer authorities. Trouble with authority figures. The slow attainment of success in one’s career. The tendency to question whether or not one is following the right career, because one so deeply yearns for a line of work that is truly and spiritually fitting for the self.

Process: The realization of the restrictions that society imposes on oneself, and the finding of creative ways of working with these. The questioning of authorities and authority figures in an attempt to find answers that resonate with what one deeply knows to be spiritual truth.

Sun: One feels it is important to find the right sort of authority figures who one can trust and from whom one can receive needed guidance. Frustrations concerning one’s career cause a lack of self-confidence or self-esteem. When one is truly pursuing one’s spiritual path one has much vitality.

Moon: One finds security in a settled and certain career, but this can change to insecurity eventually if it is not the right career for you. One is very impressionable to the ideas of people in authority.

Mercury: One aims for absolute ethicality in one’s thinking and communicating. One is uncertain about the rectitude of one’s ideas because one feels insecure about being one’s own athority.

Venus: To desire a love relationship that advances one spiritually. Ethical sincerity in love relationships. To feel that one receives a lack of respect from one’s lover. Art that expresses spirituality.

Mars: To act in a careful and high-minded fashion. Working to gradually advance oneself in one’s profession. To hold one’s actions in alignment with high ethical standards.

Jupiter: Enthusiasm for careful and patient progress. A willingness to learn more about the difficulties encountered in spiritual growth and how they may be solved. A strong motivation to be disciplined and patient in one’s career.

Chiron: Your vibration helps others to be more high minded and to feel a deeper connection to their spiritual self. You also help them, to the extent that they are ready, to listen to and follow their own inner guidance.

Uranus: A genius for questioning authority and pointing out its inadequacies and deficits, thereby helping others to find authorities who are more connected to Spirit, that is, of a higher vibrational nature. An original, unique, and/or inspired way of structuring spiritual knowledge.

Neptune: To intuit the deeper meanings of spiritual concepts. To idealize authorities and consequently the potential of being let down by them. Negative imaginings cut one off from one’s spiritual source. To imagine that one has a lack of security in life.

Pluto: A relentless search for ultimate authorities, expressed sometimes as an extreme need for a father figure. A driving urge to rise to the highest possible level in one’s profession.

Node: The need to seek out connections with others who can help one become more in tune with one’s purpose in life. To feel a lack of respect coming from the people or groups with whom one is connected.

Ascendant: One whom others see as serious and high-minded. One craves to fully identity with one’s spiritual self. The need to find greater confidence in being one’s own spiritual authority through giving up identifying with one’s limitations and inadequacies.

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