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Planets activating the Moon/Mercury midpoint (? ☿)

Planets activating the Moon/Mercury midpoint (? ☿)

Planets activating the Moon/Mercury midpoint (? ☿) 150 150 John Sandbach

Principle: The communication of feelings. Subjective thinking and communicating, or thinking colored by feeling. The ability to open up and be vulnerable when sharing one’s thoughts. Thoughts that are not objective, and which shift and change according to one’s moods.

Process: The development of a rapport with one’s own emotional self so that one may clearly receive the tremendous wealth of messages which it offers.

Sun: Many meaningful ideas brought to light as one communicates one’s feelings. Recognizing the importance of communicating one’s intimate thoughts, and the tendency to feel vitalized by doing so. The ability to be aware of how one’s moods are coloring one’s thoughts. The need to have a safe environment in which to communicate.

Venus: A love of intimate communicating – one finds it soothing and gratifying. The need to have a lover with whom one can speak about one’s emotions. A beautiful and/or artful way of communicating feelings.

Mars: Whenever one does anything there is a tendency to modify one’s way of doing it on the spur of the moment. The forceful or impulsive communication of one’s feelings. One uses emotion-laden words to express anger. The urge to act on one’s thoughts of the moment.

Jupiter: To be enthusiastic, sometimes overly so, about communicating one’s emotions. The tendency to reveal too much about oneself. To have an excess of subjective thoughts. An exuberant way of expressing one’s feelings, and success potentially through doing so.

Saturn: To be cautious or apprehensive about communicating one’s feelings, and possibly the tendency to do so slowly over time. To hold back on expressing one’s emotions. The fear that one will be criticized or rejected for expressing one’s feelings.

Chiron: Your energy helps other people to talk about and think about their feelings, and to be more connected to their emotions. You naturally induce a freer and warmer flow of interchange with others.

Uranus: To communicate one feelings in an uninhibited manner, suddenly, or unexpectedly. Others may be shocked or surprised when you communicate your feelings. A genius for communicating one’s feelings in a striking, vivid manner, both in terms of the way one communicates them as well as the timing one chooses.

Neptune: To communicate one feelings in a vague or subtle way, which may elude other people. One may communicate feelings without even knowing one is doing so. An imaginative way of communicating one’s feelings. Subjective thinking colored by emotion leads to confusion or delusion.

Pluto: The obsessive need to communicate one’s feelings. The transforming power of sharing one’s emotions. Nurturing others through communicating, and doing so in such a way that is extremely regenerative.

Node: One is learning in this lifetime how to be more open in the communication of one’s feelings. The need to seek out people with whom one can communicate intimately.

Ascendant: One seems outwardly to be emotionally flexible, and/or plays the role of being a person with whom one might have an intimate exchange of ideas.

Midheaven: Nurturing others through communicating is one’s life’s work. The ability to share one’s feelings with others becomes a basis for one’s feeling secure.

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