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Planets activating the Sun/Mars midpoint (☼ ♂)

Planets activating the Sun/Mars midpoint (☼ ♂)

Planets activating the Sun/Mars midpoint (☼ ♂) 150 150 John Sandbach

Principle: Purposeful assertiveness. The ability to gear one’s actions toward long-range considerations. The ability to take on meaningful battles. Too much effort depletes vitality.

Process: The process of actively dismantling the negative ego so that the spiritual self is able to completely and perfectly reflect the spiritual light. The active sorting of all experiences in terms of their relative importance so that one may continually realign one with one’s purpose.

Moon: The emotional need to do things on one’s own. Feeling secure when one has a long-range project on which to work. Security derived from being a leader or being in charge. Nurturing others by taking charge of them or telling them what to do.

Mercury: Constructive thinking that take the long-range into account. An egotistically aggressive way of communicating. Cleverness in figuring out how to actualize one’s goals.

Venus: To express love in a vital and assertive way. To actively show one’s appreciation. To be able to get much done in a smooth and easy way. An appreciation of discipline. The tendency to find work relaxing.

Jupiter: To have much enthusiasm for getting tasks accomplished. To overdo things, or to do to much. Confidence in one’s ability to get things done. Enthusiasm translated into accomplishment.

Saturn: Holding back on asserting oneself, which can cause much pent-up energy to accumulate. The need to go about accomplishing things in a careful, patient, or slow manner. A lack of self-confidence when one is trying to accomplish something.

Chiron: You intuitively communicate to people the meaning and purpose inherent in the conflicts they are experiencing. Your energy encourages others to take steps toward their goals.

Uranus: Getting things accomplished erratically or sporadically. Waiting for the inspiration to come before one accomplishes something. A genius for finding ways to accomplish goals. The tendency to work hard on one’s own independent projects.

Neptune: To feel unable to get things accomplished. Lack of vitality due to one’s subtle energies being out of balance, or maybe due to the draining of one’s subtle energies.

Pluto: A do or die attitude toward accomplishing one’s goals. A desire to do something important for the world either because one wants to positively transform it, or simply as a means of acquiring power. Hard work that will stop at nothing.

Node: Wanting one’s long-range efforts to contribute to progress. Wanting to connect with people who one can work with toward meaningful goals.

Ascendant: One’s identity is formed around the need for important and/or meaningful accomplishment. A forcefully confident personality. The desire to engage in meaningful activity as a means of relating to others.

Midheaven: Working hard to attain one’s goals. Security which comes from working hard to attain long-range goals. To be a leader in one’s career.

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