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Lunar Phase 24

Lunar Phase 24

Lunar Phase 24 150 150 John Sandbach

October 15th 2012


I’m working on a natal chart right now in which the Moon is in its 24th phase.  This occurs when the Moon is about 289 to 302 degrees ahead of the Sun.   The person born under this phase has an acute sense of the complexity of life and all of the many strands that interweave to make our existence.  The challenge for this person is finding a way to enter into all of this.  Where do I focus, they wonder.  The answer is that their focus must  be flexible, and needs to come from their immediate feelings — they need to allow their involvement in life to be a process rather than something they limit with assumptions and pre-conceptions.

There can be strong fears here of becoming overwhelmed or burdened by the totality of things — of how much there is to life.  One needs to track closely with one’s immediate impulses and follow them, for if you can focus on what is directly in front of you can then track with that and follow it where it leads and flex with its mutations.  This is what will bring out the best of Moon Phase 24.

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