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Lunar Mansion 26

Lunar Mansion 26

Lunar Mansion 26 150 150 John Sandbach

I’m gradually studying the 28 Lunar Mansions, the two sources of my learning being Yeats’ book “A Vision,” and my own intuition. Yeats book is very difficult to read. Its extremely dense, filled with information, and the presentation of ideas is subtle. This is why it is so infrequently read.

The 26th Lunar Mansion is called “The Hunchback.” The person born with the Moon in this phase is aware of all the distortions of personality which keep both themselves and others separate from union with the spiritual light. That is, this phase is aware of the limitations and inadequacies of consciousness. It acutely tunes into the specific limitations of each person it encounters.

When a soul embodies it engages in a process of finding regularity — sleeping and waking, eating, defecating, socializing, and fitting into the world around it through engaging in patterned behavior. These patterns become mechanistic, predictable, and through this create comfort. We allay our fears through finding patterns and regularities, so we may feel that we know what we are dealing with, or at least have some idea of what to expect of life.

The 26th Lunar Mansion is disruptive. Its energy makes us aware of the underlying uniqueness of all things. Rather than viewing life through the lens of generalities it sees the structure of each being as individual and unique. It hence has the ability to awaken others to their own uniqueness, their specialness, and, we might say, to their own individual and unique wounding — the karmic trauma that has caused them to be who they are, as defined, especially, by their limitations.

This is scary to most people, and so the 26th Lunar Mansion often learns to soften its impact through the use of humor.

I think a good name for this Lunar Mansion would be “The Awakener,” for this is what these people do. At their worst they may dislike themselves, due to the negative reactions they often elicit. For awakening others is not a socially acceptable process. Society as it is in the world today is based primarily on keeping dysfunctions going and working around them, as well as playing like they don’t exist. The 26th Lunar Mansion is naturally confrontative, often without even knowing that its being this way. Awakening is often not pleasant.

When a person of this Moon Phase is able to find within themselves love and compassion, then their powers are greatly enhanced, for this tremendous insight they have to offer is then softened.

Their ability to listen to others, to empathize and deeply connect is truly amazing and profoundly healing. Attention is a tremendously healing force, and they have the capacity to give to others a clear and light-filled crystalline attention that moves all of us closer to our source.

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