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Planets activating the Jupiter/Node midpoint (♃ ☊)

Planets activating the Jupiter/Node midpoint (♃ ☊)

Planets activating the Jupiter/Node midpoint (♃ ☊) 150 150 John Sandbach

Principle: The desire to seek out connections through which one may grow and expand. A generous and expansive way of connecting with people. To make many connections with others. The ability to compensate for difficulties or limitations encountered when connecting with other people. Mutual benefit resulting from one’s connections.

Process: The gaining of perspective on the past through deepening one’s understanding of it. The seeking of life situations in which one can learn and evolve.

Sun: One is aware of the possibilities for growth inherent in one’s connections. One feels it is important to enter into new experiences in life.

Moon: The emotional need to be accepted and approved of by others. Encouraging and supportive connections with others creates emotional security.

Mercury: A mind capable of making connections and synthesizing ideas. Communication that expresses a positive and enthusiastic attitude toward potentials for growth.

Venus: A love of art that feels like it has many interconnections within it. The desire in relationships to feel a fulness and richness of connection. In one’s relationships one always wants greater closeness and fullness.

Mars: The ability to see many ramifications to one’s actions, and to proceed in such a way that many things are taken into account. To be assertive about expanding one’s connections.

Saturn: To be afraid of connecting with people. The slow and gradual expansion of one’s connectedness. To be frustrated because you feel like you give more than the other person, or like there is too much going on between you and them, and so you feel overwhelmed.

Chiron: Your energy helps other people to enter more wholeheartedly, richly and fully into connections. You also can give them a lot of hope for the possibility of growth and confidence in taking in new experiences.

Uranus: A genius for making connections and for expanding one’s connectnedness to others. The ability to connect with others in a freely enthusiastic way.

Neptune: The ability to feel many subtle, hidden, or unspoken connections. Too much going on between oneself and the world causes confusion or disorientation.

Pluto: An extreme need to expand one’s connections with others, sometimes so much so that the other person becomes intimidated and/or the connection weakened. The desire to connect with a lot of people and consequently the possibility of spreading oneself too thinly. As one makes more and more connections a transformation occurs.

Ascendant: A person who is capable of connecting with people in many different ways. One who relates to others through encouraging progress.

Midheaven: A career involving successfully connecting to other people and encouraging their progress. Your life goal involves seeing how excess can impede you, whereas realizing exactly what your good fortune is and making use of it will advance you.

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