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d82 150 150 John Sandbach

Gemini 22. A painting that, once it is seen, cannot be remembered. (Omega Symbol) Interacting/Sensitive

(Degree Angel: ALADIAH (a-LA-dee-YAH) Looks Can Kill: Protection from the Evil Eye, Divine Grace)


You’re always ready to start over again, if you have to. You are able to overcome the preconditioning of the past and to look at situations once again with a fresh and unclouded vision. Other people as well as the world itself are continually attempting to compel other people how to be and act. It is your challenge to not allow these projections to subdue the expression of who you really are.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A young girl is sold to a sultan.” This is one of the most obviously negative of all the symbols. This does not mean that this degree is any more positive or negative in its potential than any of the others. Whenever we come across one of these negative images it represents a caution, and means that the person with this degree in their chart is aware of the brand of negativity depicted by the symbol – in this case the potential for people to be supremely selfish in their attempt to dominate others and treat them like objects.

This degree is very aware of the coercive and dehumanizing elements in society, and the way that other people often take these elements for granted and as an accepted way of life. It seeks to overcome this tendency, as well as help other people to overcome it too. And, like the painting that can’t be remembered in the Omega Symbol, we need to continually be returning to and looking again at this situation and keep reminding ourselves that it exists and what it looks like if we are ever to change it.

Pleiadian Symbol: Humans and many types of animals carrying out an elaborate dance. Interacting dynamically and joyously with the wholeness of life and inducing others to join in with one. Creative rapport between all the various aspects of self.

Azoth Symbol: In a darkened room people wait silently and expectantly for a medium to speak. An open expectancy toward messages coming from spiritual realms. Attentiveness to whatever is wanting to come through.

Seed degree: Sagittarius 15. Prized possessions are disappearing, one by one. (Omega Symbol). Letting go of and losing whatever we have helps us to continually see everything in a new way.

A tidal wave approaching.(Chandra Symbol). Experiencing profound inner changes that sweep away the structures by which we have always lived help us to see more clearly the needs of other people and to overcome our own selfishness.

Fulfillment degree: Capricorn 7. A guidebook to an ancient city. (Omega Symbol). In an attempt to understand more deeply that which we have trouble taking in, we are led to explore the past in a more clear, detailed and profound manner.

A satyr gazing at his reflection in a pond. (Chandra Symbol). To comprehend and overcome the selfish aspects of ourselves and the power struggles we find ourselves in, we look more deeply into our own animal nature, so that it may be recognized for what it is and integrated more harmoniously into our being.


There is, supposedly, a painting in the Museum of Peth that is incapable of being remembered.  I wrote down the name of it, “Seekers at Twilight,” and searched for it in the museum archives, but found nothing.  Nor has any art historian written of it — how could they?  They don’t remember it.

I would describe the painting to you, but as I have forgotten what it looks like, I can’t.  This is a painting deeply shrouded in its own secret.  All I can tell you, though, is that whoever has seen it remembers it as being of exquisite beauty, breathtaking in fact.  But although they vow to go back and look at it again, no one ever does, until, wandering the galleries of the museum they happen to come upon it again.

Azoth Oracle

Chirzan, the greatest medium of Aab, conducted seances at her home every Sunday evening. The participants sat at a round table dimly lit by several candles which hung on the walls. No questions were ever spoken out loud, for Chirzan was of such a refined sensitivity that she intuited all questions, even those the participants were not consciously aware of asking.

In one session she grew tall and many-limbed as she grew dark and ridged, sprouting leaves. In another rain fell in torrents on the table, but no one became wet, for the droplets vanished as they fell. In another she turned into clouds which seethed with wind, forming themselves into various shapes, and at another fresh ripe cherries welled from her mouth, spilling onto the table, of which the participants ate.

For Chirzan did not channel spirits of the deceased, but rather the forces of weather and seasons. And in these the participants thought they heard words, each person hearing something different, but always seeming to understand them, even though they were in an unknown tongue, and saw as if from a great height continually mutating landscapes which seemed to appear on the table around which they held hands.

Irnad said of her, “weather is a kind of language of the soul, and Chirzan is the mirror through which the soul is allowed to speak to itself.”

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