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* Leo-8


Degree Angel: Poyel (poi-YEL) Dispelling Anger, Fortune and Support, Interacting/Receptive




Omega Symbol: An old medicine man with eyes like a snake’s.


You have the ability to mesmerize other people, to capture there attention and compel them to listen to you. At worst, though, you may fear your own power and try to suppress it. You need to maintain your center – focus on what you want to communicate, and allow others to react as they are going to without trying to control how they take in their perceptions of you.


Pleiadian Symbol: A new religion re-embodying ancient principles.


The reinfusion of ancient ideas with new life. Just as the creative spirit flows through the woman of the Chandra Symbol, the essence of truth, which always seeks creative manifestation comes forth once again in the new religion of this symbol.


Chandra Symbol: A young woman sits at a piano and improvises beautiful music.


Here is an ability to be spontaneous, and if a mistake is made, or if inspiration falters this degree just flows onward, and doesn’t allow the inner critic to interrupt the flow. This requires a great deal of focus, like the penetrating eyes of the Omega Symbol. And when this degree allows what is inside to flow out, it encourages others to do the same -to connect with their own inner wisdom and creativity. When the ego can be moved out of the way for awhile – which this degree has the power to do -wonderful and surprising things can come into being.


Azoth Symbol: Bright flashes of electricity flashing through the atmosphere.


Unbounded energy allowed to be free-flowing. That which is pent-up reaches a point where it breaks through what limits it and is spontaneously released, just as the woman of the Chandra symbol releases her inspiration through her improvising.


Seed Degree: Gemini – 29


A biologist doing intensive research on mold. (Omega Symbol). Through looking into the deepest subtleties of life we are able to see the wisdom inherent in everything around us.


A garden planted solely with shade plants. (Chandra Symbol). Letting go of having to have a conscious purpose and reason for living we are abler to be spontaneous and to express our creativity in an unselfconscious manner.


Fulfillment Degree: Scorpio – 11


Shadows of trees laying over a vast lawn. (Omega Symbol). Looking deeply into the world we perceive with our spiritual vision the subtle and ephemeral patterns of meaning and purpose that overlay everything.


Gnarled twisted trees against an overcast sky. (Chandra Symbol). When we allow what is in us to come forth spontaneously, we come inevitably to inner places which need healing. (Or, on another level, the expression of beauty always desires to be more than just mechanical and superficial, and when it is sincere and genuine will always draw us toward exploring our shadow side).


Omega Oracle


When you looked into his eyes all you saw was yourself, but at first you couldn’t understand what you were looking at, for the shadows inside you that were so much a part of you and so familiar as to be hidden, were now seen in his eyes.


Some found this frightening and shunned him. Others wanted to enter those eyes, or at least peer into the darkness there, which seemed as no other darkness ever seen before, and yet like an ancient home to which they were finally and unexpectedly returning.

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