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* Cancer-6


Degree Angel: HAHEUIAH (ha-HOO-ee-YAH) Overcoming Jealousy, Protection, Interacting/Experimental




Omega Symbol: On a dull, overcast day, a pool reflects a clear, blue sky.


You are deeply aware that none of us need go along with any negativity we’re exposed to. You are always able to inject a not of harmony and positivity into any situation in which you find yourself. Your message to the world is that problems can be overcome just as quickly as we are ready to release them.


Pleiadian Symbol: On crags by the sea a mythical golden bird is building its nest.


The ability to support all exalted and beautiful yearnings. One is strikingly different and unique in an utterly natural way. The nurturing of healthy self-glorification.


Chandra Symbol: The Medusa’s head with writhing snakes for hair.


Anyone looking at the Medusa will turn to stone. It is looking at ourselves and not being able to accept what we see, not being able to move forward – becoming frozen, due to fear. There is nothing to fear. The writhing snakes are the mind’s uncontrolled thoughts – the ego’s desperate, random, and chaotic projections in an effort to maintain it’s position. But we are not our reflection – or at least we don’t need to be. We each have inside us a perfect inner clarity, which, if we allow it to come forth, will manifest as a purifying and harmonizing influence in the world around us.


Azoth Symbol: A monk swinging a prayer wheel.


Perpetual focus on the transforming potential of spiritual impulses.  The will to accumulate spiritual energy through an intensity of focus so that one may be like the pool of the Omega Symbol.


Seed Degree: Gemini – 4


>From a mountain people watch a tsunami. (Omega Symbol. Experiencing a profound emotional clearing we find we are able to see beyond any illusion of cloudiness into the ever-present clarity of spiritual realities.


An island just visible off the coast. (Chandra Symbol). When we become curious to see those areas of ourselves that are unknown, we encounter the challenge of confronting our fears.


Fulfillment Degree: Pisces – 8


Through a microscope, a scientist observes a deadly virus. (Omega Symbol). When we are able to reject confusion and illusion we are able to more clearly see how the forces of destruction and darkness operate.


A gypsy peasant woman sings a mournful chant. (Chandra Symbol). Letting go of sadness, which always stems from an attachment to the past, we are able to confront our fears so that we may move forward.


Omega Oracle


People wondered why the pool refused to reflect clouds. It was not, though, a refusal on the pool’s part to see what was above it, but an ability to see beyond the near into the far – to see the sky above the clouds.


And, at night, when stars filled the sky, the pool continued to glow with the sky blue color of daylight, for it could also see beyond time, and change.

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