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d55 150 150 John Sandbach

Taurus 25. A holographic computer.(Omega Symbol)Interacting/Inspired

(Degree Angel: Mebahiah (me-BA-hee-YAH) Thought Into Action, Intellectual Lucidity)


You have a way of making things clearer to other people. Your vividness of perception can assist others in understanding their dilemmas more fully. As they get a clearer idea of what they are dealing with they are much more likely to move forward in their lives. Yours is the gift of being able to make experience more real to others.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Bees returning to their hive.” This degree senses the whole of humanity, and feels a oneness with all life, just as the holographic computer brings together in a wholeness every angle of the picture being perceived. Its vibration fosters connectedness, inclusiveness and acceptance of all people in a mutual effort of working together and sharing. This sense of completeness is difficult to bring to others, for as is usual with the 25th degree of every sign there is a cosmic awareness that is so high and pure its difficult to translate into practical reality. The attempt to do so, though, is a life’s work, and worth every effort.

Pleiadian Symbol: A vast lawn with fountains and waterfall in the distance. Invitation to freely roam and to find contentment and fulfillment.

Azoth Symbol: People hearing the songs of a chorus of invisible women. Helping others to tune in to all the invisible and hidden supports that life has to offer.

Seed degree: Capricorn 20. A host of angels in conference. (Omega Symbol). The interrelationships of all the vast array of spiritual energies creates a startlingly sublime picture of reality, utterly vibrant and alive.

Many different perfumes carried by a breeze. (Chandra Symbol). Those experiences which we may all share bring us together in a spirit of mutual support.

Fulfillment degree: Libra 5. A flagpole with no flag. (Omega Symbol). Seeing life from a multitude of different perspectives allows us to give up our partisanship and just be what we innately are.

A man raising a crop of marijuana. (Chandra Symbol). Needing occasional relief from our striving, we relax together in an atmosphere of free sharing and pleasurable sensuality.


The light is forming what you were in the past. The camera is a sphere all around you which traps you in a bubble of reality. And now you hear yourself speaking, see yourself inside a round mirror in which you might hit replay to see any number of infinite surfaces, but can only guess at what lies within.

Azoth Oracle

One day in the Temple of Quanaan people had come to witness the rituals to celebrate the goddess Hathor, the deity who rules over sound. The astrologers had informed the priestesses that the day was highly auspicious to her energy, and so for many days before much chanting and meditation had been perfomed to purify and attune the temple for the occasion.

During the middle of the ceremonies, which were usually conducted in silence (music traditionally being played after the rituals), a chorus of invisible female voices was heard to be singing songs of great polyphonic complexity, songs that no one had ever heard, but which were of a sublime beauty and which seemed to be coming from everywhere, inundating the temple with a sea of magic sound.

Most fortunately there lived in Aab at that time a musical genuis who at the time was only 10 years old named Razathath Omir who had the ability to memorize whatever he heard and to write it down. As he was present at this particular ceremony he later recorded the complexly layered singing from memory, so that it might be performed later.

From that day onward the invisible choir of women continue to sing songs, each one different, at every ritual held in the temple, and Omir writes down all of them. He has filled many volumes with these marvelous works.

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