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Virgo – 5


Degree Angel: LAUVIAH (LO-vee-YAH) Banishing the Remnants of Evil, Victory, Manifesting/Inspired




Omega Symbol: With a loud explosion, a tiny black hole collides with earth.


Sometimes when we look at negativity we think it could take a really long time to clean up.  You have the ability, though, to zap it away, to kind of shock it so that it collapses on itself.  You are immensely good at getting to the point, sometimes without even a word being spoken.  You commit the right action and a situation can suddenly ignite and transmute.  It all depends on what you and others are ready for.  As this is a degree of Virgo there is, of course, analytical ability here, but wait until after the inspired mystical event before you start analyzing – step aside and let the mystery happen and then you can work on figuring out what it was.


Pleiadian Symbol: Waking, a man remembers attending a fairy celebration deep in the woods.


Consciously connecting with one’s involvement with other worlds. The recalling of one’s profound connection to nature, and this recalling being so profound at times that it feels like a treasure has been given to you.  You have the ability to trigger strange and unexpected states in others, to make them aware (to whatever extent they can tolerate) of other worlds and realms and levels of reality.  This can be wonderfully exciting for some and disturbing to others, though often when people are disturbed by you they know not why.


Chandra Symbol: A skull on a pole at the entrance to a dark wood.


When there are places you avoid going you need to ask yourself what is it that is repelling you from those places.  The black hole of the Omega symbol threatens the very integrity of matter itself, just as one’s identity is threatened by anything which might threaten its structure. But it is the death of identity that allows identity to restructure at a higher, more expanded level, so that we may then reflect more of the spiritual light.


It is good to remember that black holes are a part of nature – there is one at the center of every galaxy.  The skull of this Symbol is a sign telling you that if you go into this dark wood you will be changed, you will die and be reborn – and so trust and fearlessness is what is required, and you know that you have these in abundance.


Azoth Symbol: A world erected by the minds of dreamers working together.


The intuitive building of mutually constructed thought forms with other people – which is something that is always happening, and, in fact, is what has shaped the whole of history.  The black hole of the Omega Symbol creates the opening through which this occurs.  You are spiritually nourished by memories of deep communion with others and have a way of being able to remind them of these memories as well.


Seed Degree: Taurus – 24


A man cataloging thousands of different types of microbes. (Omega Symbol). Looking into many tiny and seemingly insignificant things, we are bound eventually to find among them something that is highly important and transforming.


A man with no mouth. (Chandra Symbol). When we enter the silence our consciousness is automatically drawn to those places which we may be afraid of but which we need to explore, and which we will automatically explore.  This is the secret of meditation.


Fulfillment Degree: Aquarius – 13


An artist mixes various flower and gem elixirs into her paints. (Omega Symbol). Learning the power of focusing, we are then able to direct that focus in ways that will enhance all of life.


A lidless granite sarcophagus. It is empty. (Chandra Symbol). Entering those areas of ourselves where karma needs to be released we eventually experience a rebirth.


Omega Oracle


A network of holes, like stitches in a tapestry, provides needed connections between parallel universes. Just as light may manifest through fire, darkness too has its seeds, a black fire whose sparks travel the universe, and whose flames organize galaxies, each galaxy whirling around a dark fire, suns drawn to it like moths to a flame.


As shadows compact ever more densely, each drawn into and absorbed inevitably into the others’ nothingness, crushing into each other, their abrasions generate a fire of raging darkness which sometimes in its wanderings crosses a planet’s path, a spark of it drawn down as an illusion-destroying speck.


Azoth Oracle


Irnad, inventor of the science of imaginosophy says that the pressure under which deeply buried desires are placed over time forms assumptions, all assumptions being nothing more than crystallized desires.


These  assumptions, each of which may take a widely differing time to form, and which may manifest in many different forms, each having its own specific density, opaqueness, or transparency, scarcity or ubiquity,  as well as a rainbow of other properties, can be mined (oftentimes unconsciously) to create all sorts of materials from which a wide diversity of edifices may be fashioned, many of which, due to the weakness or inherent unsuitability of the assumptions used to build them may be most dangerous to inhabit, unless one finds a way to make oneself porous or in some other way more light, so that the mind’s unstable structures may be effectively inhabited by a minimum of stress being placed upon them.


Methods to disallow wind are also helpful.

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