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* Leo-5


Degree Angel: Nanael (NA-na-El) No Agenda, Spiritual Communication, Manifesting/Inspired




Omega Symbol: Through narrow, winding streets, a man is following a mysterious woman.


You have a burning desire to know what is at the core of things, to understand the hidden aspects of reality, which of course means the hidden aspects of yourself. This curiosity can lead you to many places – both within and without – and take you far afield from the familiar. You tend to be without plans – your only agenda being to go wherever you sense the ever-elusive truth is leading you.


Pleiadian Symbol: Rocks which, by their shape, seem like people who look down from a great height.


The sensing of the forces of nature as conscious and waiting to assist humans whenever they are called on. Intuiting the potential for help and support coming from earth spirits. The ancient nature of the rocks mirrors the gray hair of the young man of the Chandra Symbol.


Chandra Symbol: A seemingly young man, but with gray hair.


Certain aspects of you are far more developed and wise than are others. One-sided development is not a bad thing – many people choose it, but eventually there’s a need for the undeveloped side to catch up. Of course there is also part of you that will never grow up, and this eternal youth and naivete is wonderful, and can serve and enhance the purposes of the wise old one within. What is important is that these two aspects of self grow more and more to love one another – to enhance the joy and wisdom they have to impart.


Azoth Symbol: Seekers arrive at a holy city.


The need to share with others the hope of finding value and meaning anchored in the physical world. Giving and getting help in finding sources of real spiritual sustenance.  Awareness of how life is always bringing us to the current moment, which is a holy place.


Seed Degree: Taurus – 23


Inside a tornado a spiral staircase. (Omega Symbol). Finding our center in the midst of the intensity and distraction of outer experience we are able to seek and eventually connect with our inner, intuitive self – the source of all wisdom.


A salamander glowing red-orange. (Chandra Symbol). Recognizing the wonder of our own individual uniqueness we realize that we hold within us an eternal wisdom that transcends time.


Fulfillment Degree: Leo – 11


A man using both hands is writing several stories simultaneously. (Omega Symbol). Our intuition is deep and immediate, not logical and step-by-step, so when we finally connect with her we open ourselves up to the wondrous potential of a type of multi-tasking that transcends the rational self.


A boy removing a thorn from his foot. (Chandra Symbol). When we allow our innocence and wisdom to merge with each other we find that our understanding is healed.


Omega Oracle


Dusk is falling, and even the shadows seem to be having a difficult time moving through the narrow streets. The woman pursued is always just barely in view in the distance as she turns a corner. He has no idea why he follows her, only, he wishes to see her face, to see if he knows who she is. She moves as if made of breeze, her dark garb evaporating into the evening’s growing darkness.


And as he follows her windings he realizes that maybe he wishes not to accost her, but only to trace behind her her steps, to absorb her movement through the streets, a pattern or symbol, which she draws with her feet, and which he reads with his own.

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