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d45 150 150 John Sandbach

Taurus 15. A platinum crucible. (Omega Symbol)Transforming/Inspired

(Degree Angel: Sehaliah (say-HA-lee-YAH) The Power of Prosperity, Motivation and Willfulness)


The purpose of a platinum crucible in scientific terms is that platinum has an extremely high melting point, and so therefore can be used to melt substances which also have a high melting point but one that is lower than platinum. In other words, the essence of platinum has an extreme resistance to heat.

You are a highly receptive person, and are learning in this lifetime how to let the negativity that you accumulate be burned away by the fires of your love. You need to learn how to maintain emotional peace and tranquility even in the midst of the energetic turbulence swirling around you. As you perfect this, your being expresses more and more the transmutative power of peace.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “His best friend sings a song at his funeral.” Love heals the fear of change. The constancy of love is like the platinum crucible which can withstand the fires of transformation. The secret of this degree is that through losing what we have again and again we come to learn what it is we truly have, which is identical with who we truly are – eternal beings.

Pleiadian Symbol: An invisible man shrouded in clothing.  The transcendence of outer appearances.  Finding ways to express the seemingly unexpressable.

Azoth Symbol: A coven of elders sharing a meal during the full moon.  Receiving nourishment from the new and ever-changing manifestations of wisdom.

Seed degree: Virgo 20. Worshipers circumambulating a sacred stone. (Omega Symbol). Devoting ourselves to working with the challenges of the material world, wwe become receptive to whatever deep and profound transmutations need to occur.

The expanse of the Himalayas in the distance. (Chandra Symbol). The grandeur and sublimity of spiritual realities impels us to thank the world for beauty which has passed and to accept its passing, knowing within ourselves that we are eternally connected to it.

Fulfillment degree: Sagittarius 4. A great teacher lecturing in an empty classroom. (Omega Symbol). Faithfully supporting the process of change we hold to our path and our truth even when it seems non-productive.

A young prince undresses to bathe in a pool. (Chandra Symbol). Letting go of the past and acknowledging our enduring connection to love, we are able to engage with our emotional self more directly and vitally.


(From Aandar’s Secrets of Alchemy): . . .”A bowl which shines so smoothly and brightly it appears as a mirror. It is platinum, a metal that hides in minute amounts in gold, for the purpose of anchoring it in these lower realms. For gold is a potent fire, that otherwise might burn that which it desires to enliven, were it not for platinum’s protection. And so, to soften gold’s fearful dragon, this barely discernible touch of pure cold, given by platinum, soothes gold’s fierceness, and creates for it a womb wherein it may more fully incubate its wonders.

“It is for this reason the sages have said that a tiny grain of blue ice lies, unmelted, at the center of the Sun.”

Azoth Oracle

(From “Memories of the White Coven” by Timotheus):  “When they partook of their refreshments during the Full Moon, they always ate outside, inviting the moonlight to shine on what they ate, so that its rays might enter their food and enter their bodies, which were filled with its hidden light which shone in them until the next Full Moon.  And though what they ate was simple and scant, it was for the purpose of eating moonlight that they partook in such meals.

“How I learned this was by being a guest at one of these repasts, and since this time the partaking of one single dose of such moonlight has made me able to see the glow of these brothers and sisters caused by the ingestion of many moonlights during their countless years.  They are a most gentle clan, and have much power of flowing with the spirits of their magics.”





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