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* Cancer-4


Degree Angel: YEIAYEL (YAY-ah-YEL) Stop Fatal Attraction, Fame, Renown, Manifesting/Responsible




Omega Symbol: People watching fireworks in the distance.


You have the ability to bring others together and to strengthen their bonds through reinforcing their shared ideals. Your challenge is to find the most productive and effective context in which to do work. You will find that sometimes you are tremendously effective in doing this, and at other times it may seem to get nowhere. Don’t let this bring you down. Your job is to be persistent in your attempts to unite people.


Pleiadian Symbol: A dragon conferring its powers on a maiden.


Innocence empowered. The potency inherent in purity. Masculine power hidden deep within the feminine. Gentleness triumphing over fierceness.


Chandra Symbol: Weeping willows by a pond.


The fronds of the trees reach down toward the water. Knowledge (as symbolized by trees) seeks connection with the emotional and intuitive realms. At the other extreme – high in the sky – are the fireworks of the Omega Symbol, and unlike the closeness of the fronds to the water, they are at a distance. They signify spiritual glories, the fiery, free, and beautiful energies of the ethereal realms. These are the two places where we need to focus our attention – deep inside ourselves (the pond) and far outside ourselves into the infinite. The more aware we become of these two realms the more we see they they are reflections of each other, and that ultimately they are the same – there is no inner or outer, only the oneness and unity of self.


This degree needs to beware of getting stuck in beholding life from just one perspective – it needs to always let itself go farther, and to not be afraid of reaching out to embrace what calls to it.


Azoth Symbol: A child being schooled in the nature of the ego and how it creates suffering.


Deep assimilation of the knowledge of root causes.  The constant reminding of onesself of the need for connecting and giving.  Spiritual guidance given to one’s own inner child as well as the inner child of others.


Seed Degree: Taurus – 10


A wondrous perfume that follows a man wherever he goes. (Omega Symbol). The indescribable individuality of a person is found to be an echo of higher spiritual realities, and as we tune into it we sense the beauty of those cosmic energies.


A man exhaling clouds of iridescent smoke. (Chandra Symbol). Freely expressing our imagination we come into closer communion with our emotional self.


Fulfillment Degree: Capricorn – 8


A river passes through a deep, narrow canyon full of shadows. (Omega Symbol). The fireworks fade away and we realize that even though our life seems hemmed in by difficulties and full of uncertainties that time is carrying us forward into the realization of a greater reality – the one we glimpsed when we beheld the distant fireworks.


A snake charmer. (Chandra Symbol).   Reaching down with wisdom continually into our own emotional self we find there the inspiration needed to dance with the power of our own desires.


Omega Oracle


Faraway, tiny galaxies were exploding in the sky. He wondered if on each spark worlds full of histories and cultures were rising and fading in a manner of moments. It seemed to him that the nature of fire, ultimately, was to take the form of flowers – those vast pinwheel shapes floating through the universe, as well as these ephemeral fountains that bloomed into the night sky, one after the other, to mark the end of another festival.


Yes, he decided, the universe is a garden. Inhaling, he could smell its perfume.

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