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d39 150 150 John Sandbach

Taurus 9. Bats streaming out of a cave at dusk. (Omega symbol) Interacting/Responsible

(Degree Angel: Rehael (RAY-ha-EL) Diamond in the Rough, Filial Submission)


When the time is right what is in you comes forth, and when this happens you need to just let it happen. You have much to give, much to share, but if you worry about how to do it, or in what context to do it, or do anything to repress it, stress and frustration will be the result. Be spontaneous, and work diligently to not judge your own actions.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A talkative woman with tape over her mouth.” The bats of the Omega symbol are the contents of the subconscious (the cave) whose time of awakening has come, and who seek release from the place they’ve been dormant. The talkative woman seeks release of her ideas through speech, but the time of speech is over – now is the time to act – to allow the forces of the deep self to carry out their purposes without need of rationalization, justification, explanation, or any other verbal constructs.

Pleiadian Symbol: A tree heavy with apples of pure gold.  Embracing of the great value of all that life has to offer.

Azoth Symbol: Far from land, fish are playing.  The enjoyment of subjectivity and emotionality for its own sake, freed from the restrictions of practicalities and physical limits.

Seed degree: Cancer 8. A man versed in the art of making charms and talismans. (Omega Symbol). The charms and talismans awaken sleeping forces.

An alchemical text written on parchment. (Chandra Symbol). Talking and speculating stop and the focus becomes carrying out the Great Work, that is, the alchemical process.

Fulfillment degree: Gemini 4. From a mountain, people watch a tsunami. (Omega Symbol). To protect the self the unleashing of subconscious forces needs to be witnessed from a higher spiritual perspective.

An island just visible off the coast. (Chandra Symbol). Silencing the mind, we gain an expanded vision.


Like glittering black smoke against the fading sky they stream forth, a cloud of shimmering shadows.
They are the soul of the cave’s sleeping body, emerging at dusk to search for dreams and feed on insects.
These are leathery butterflies of the dark, fanged butterflies whose pink ruffled noses quiver with the scent of night flowers and blood.

Azoth Symbol

From “Mysteries of the Sea” by Claudus Azarchus):  “For the goddess Seasa, called The Silver One, is known to enter the bodies of tiny fish, whose schools number in the many thousands, and far from land has been seen at times by sailors to take on, through these fishy schools, the patterns of a great glittering mermaid who swims beneath the water, or of a giant squid or jelly fish whose tentacles are formed of great lines of these fish many miles in length, which flutter and waver through the water, the sun glinting upon them as they willingly assume and revel in the forms of her sporting.”

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