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d37 150 150 John Sandbach

Taurus 7. A man cleansing his aura with pink light. (Omega Symbol) Interacting/Sensitive

(Degree Angel: Aniel (AH-nee-EL) The Big Picture, Breaking the Circle)


You have the power to ignore all negativity and allow the spiritual light to shine through you. You feel the great bountifulness of the universe, and know that love is the key to accessing it. You are able to constantly regenerate yourself, even after great crises, traumas, and failures. The more you allow yourself to do this and be this, the fast your work in this life will progress.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A large ruby inscribed with a prayer.” Ruby is the ayurevedic gem of the Sun, the planet of will and hence intent. The prayer inscribed on the Ruby is saturated with intent, just as the man cleansing his aura must use intent if his work is to be effective. He inscribes his aura with a prayer of pink light. The degree is about focusing and refocusing one’s intent again and again until the focus becomes eternally imbedded in the consciousness.

Pleidian Symbol: At a well a large cask filled with cool water.  The invitation to share refreshment and renewal.  Drawing sustenance from deep inner resources.

Azoth Symbol: Research leads a man from one book to another.  Continual pursuit of deeper and deeper levels of knowledge.

Seed degree: Gemini 14. The sound of drumming brings everyone into the present. (Omega Symbol). Grounding ourselves in the moment we are automatically ready for new beginnings.

A sorcerer materializes an amethyst cross. (Chandra Symbol). The gifts received from the spiritual realms yearn to be shared with others.

Fulfillment degree: Aries 4. A man destroying a wall as he attempts to eradicate black mold from a house. (Omega Symbol). Renewed by love and joy, we set about to tear down the obstructive accretions of the past.

A cup overflowing with clear water. (Chandra Symbol). Focusing on love generates the magic of endless abundance.


As the colors of alchemy are black, white, and red, the secondary ones are derived from the blending of two of these colors, hence gray (black and white),  maroon (red and black), and pink (red and white).

Gray is uncertainty, a portal devoid of biases through which being eventually comes into knowing.

Maroon is the weight of earth, blood sleeping in darkness, which is to be made light.

But the queen of these is pink, wherein blood is wedded to light ever present, both seen and unseen, the mystic marriage of red and white.

And so the alchemists of Aab partake often of the pink light, called “The Waiting Effulgence” — a living  sea forever reviving and cleansing the spirit.

Azoth Symbol

Tarad Maranus, alchemist, was called Mother of a Thousand Books, for as he carried out his researches he found many curious and obscure tomes in the Library of Peth of which no one had heard or ever seen.  In each of these he always discovered the information he sought, though when the book was returned to its shelf those curious to know what other secrets it might contain could never find it, his sources always seeming to evaporate like morning dew.


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