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d341 150 150 John Sandbach

Pisces 11. Three undines guarding a golden treasure at the bottom of a river (Omega Symbol). Transforming/Experimental

(Degree Angel: Nanael (NA-na-El) No Agenda, Spiritual Communication)


This degree focuses on issues of temptation and desire. It is continually asking itself why it wants what it wants, and hence is unsure of it’s desires. This is the first manifestation of “Leo” energy in Pisces. The little ego, based on selfishness and the illusion of limitation, must be dissolved so that the greater ego may assert itself as a pure mirror reflecting the love and joy of the spiritual light into the physical realm.

The river is time. The place where the golden treasure lies is the present moment. The three undines are the self as reflecting all time – past, present, and future.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A high, crumbling wall. It is part of a ruin and covered with ivy.” The wall was probably a part of something lofty and grand – maybe a cathedral. Now it is a support for the ivy. Is this function less noble? Which role that the wall has played has created has enhanced the world most?

This degree is all about letting things be and then seeing what becomes of them. It realizes that many human agendas, although they style themselves noble and of great importance, are actually quite narrow and false – mere pretensions of the ego. It may be just as beautiful to see things fall apart as to strive to build them up. The outer cathedral, when eventually lost to the ravages of time, can encourage the exploration of the eternal inner cathedral. This is one of the golden treasures guarded by the undines, resting in eternity at the bottom of the river of time.

Pleiadian Symbol: Men seeking a fabled sage are traveling deep into the forest with lanterns. The quest to find something of true worth and value, and the urge to look in hidden places for it, as well as the ability to stimulate others to engage in this process and to follow one’s inner guidance in sensing how to proceed. The sage is hidden by the forest just as the high crumbling wall of the Chandra Symbol is hidden by the ivy.

Azoth Symbol: The Moon pulling on the liquids in the bodies of sleepers. The subconscious and emotional body being continually stirred and stimulated by the compelling force of evolution. Something in us refused to stay dormant and as it moves we need to acknowledge and allow it – just as it is inevitable that the gold of the Omega Symbol will be discovered.

Seed degree: Leo 12.In the basement of a house, a secret escape tunnel. (Omega Symbol). As we seek passages through which to move forward, we are surprised by discovering unexpected riches along the way.

The mouth of the Amazon river. (Chandra Symbol). Our emotions merge with the sea of emotions we share with all other conscious beings, and in doing so we grow more and more to appreciate the beauty of what has passed away and what is vibrantly alive now.

Fulfillment degree: Leo 29. A tiny, poisonous frog with a brightly colored body. (Omega Symbol). It is through becoming one with the treasures of the moment that we can come to terms with the tiny, poisonous frog – who is our ego.

A broken sword. (Chandra Symbol). Using the lessons derived from what was as a support, we come to love and accept ourselves as we are, and also to transmute those parts of ourselves ready for change.


The three undines, known as Rhine Maidens, who appear at the beginning of Wagner’s famous cycle of operas known as “The Ring” are actually denizens of Aab, and live in a beautiful rest home for elderly fairies on the outskirts of Peth.

One time when visiting one she told me that she and the others had been instructed by the Great Mother/Father God of the universe,  known as “the Nameless One” to allow the troll Alberich  to steal the gold which they guarded.  They could have prevented him from doing so, but The Nameless One, in his infinite generosity informed them that were they to do so, the world would have been deprived of four of the most beautiful operas which were to be written in the future, and the pleasure of many millions of people would thus have been taken away.

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