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d339 150 150 John Sandbach

Pisces 9. A ghost peacefully coexisting with a family in a house. (Omega Symbol) Interacting/Responsible

(Degree Angel: HAHASIAH (he-HA-see-Yah) No Guilt, Profound Healing)


A lack of judgement is here, and an acceptance of the needs of others, no matter what they may be. Also included is a lack of fear of what is unknown based on the belief that the universe is an inherently safe place. Where one might expect discord or conflict this degree knows that being deeply accepting can create an environment of harmony and peace in which all life can partake.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Dusk. A vampire awakens.” Until we can awaken those areas of ourselves that need healing we exist in a state of suspension. This degree senses how to turn the consciousness away from the outer, objective world, and allow the unredeemed energies of the subconscious to come forth. It is acutely sensitive to desires, and able to contact them without judgment, rationalization, fear, or anything else that might distort them and make them seem other than what they are. The fact is, that what we run away from we give power to, whereas what we are willing to completely own and accept eventually loses its negative charge and becomes integrated into our being.

When the ghost of the Omega Symbol is ready to move on, it will.

Pleiadian Symbol: A pale naked man on a horse journeying through the forest. United with one’s power and accepting of one’s vulnerability and purity the soul finds its way through the confusing illusions of life.

Azoth Symbol: A man covered with all sorts of ornaments. Finding symbols and thought forms in the world that one feels an affinity with, and then taking these on so that they may help and assist one. The ghost of the Omega Symbol feels an affinity with the family who lives in the house and there is a mutual gain and benefit from their interaction, though either party may not be consciously aware of what that is. As the man of this symbol wears his ornaments, he becomes more deeply attuned to their potential meaning and purpose in his life – they become more real, vibrant, and living to him and less of a “ghost.”

Seed degree: Cancer 18.Gnomes creating beautiful and ornate metal work. (Omega Symbol). Finding a way to make something beautiful out of even the most difficult and unyielding of situations, we create a place of nurturing and acceptance for all lost and displaced energies.

A black child playing with a tiger. (Chandra Symbol). Fearlessly and innocently encountering the powers within, we come to perceive the darkness within us that separates us from the light.

Fulfillment degree: Gemini 29. A biologist doing intensive research on mold. (Omega Symbol). When we learn to co-exist with our own past in an unattached manner we come into a deeper and deeper understanding of the forces of change and decay as necessary elements in our personal evolution.

A garden planted solely with shade plants. (Chandra Symbol). As we see what it is within us that is resisting the light, we are able to allow in gradually more and more light, which balances and moderates our growth.


The people of Aab have a much different attitude toward ghosts than we.  First of all, they believe in them, are accepting of them.  When ghosts are found in their house they are treated with cordiality and welcome, are invited to sup with the family and are encouraged to do as they please.  This tends to prevent irritability and frustration in the ghosts, who are encouraged by the living to move on to other planes of existence only when they feel comfortable with doing so.  It also brings out the ghosts’ helpfulness, and although their disembodied state makes it difficult to do chores such as cooking and cleaning they can carry out mental activities, such as happened in a certain family where a highly knowledgeable ghost took up the responsibilities of governess to the inhabitants children.

And although ghosts have not the ability to pay for room and board they can be, at times quite entertaining, and need not their own rooms, becoming quiescent whenever they need to, but needing no private place to sleep.

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