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Pisces 3. Just before a wedding, a purifying rainstorm. (Omega Symbol) Manifesting/Receptive

(Degree Angel: SEHALIAH (say-HA-lee-YAH) The Power of Prosperity, The Power of Intention)


This degree knows that if it is going to enter into connections with other people and the world around it it needs to let go of all fear, all assumptions, and all beliefs in limitation. This is a tremendous thing to ask of itself, and even though it may not be able to carry out this agenda all at once there is a continual cleansing here as a prelude to engaging in relationships in the clearest way possible.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “An eye gazing out of the top of a pyramid.” This degree is always seeing reality in terms of its highest spiritual aspect.  Even when it is in the depths of suffering, drama and illusion it can always invoke an overtone of crystalline clarity.   This cleaving to and affirming the highest truth will, over time gradually elevate and strengthen its spirit until it is perfectly aligned with the divine.

Pleiadian Symbol: Hundreds of fallen columns in a lost city. Awareness of failures and the continual tendency to fail, but in the midst of this acceptance of entropy with the resulting ability to move on and try again,as revealed in the steady focus of the Chandra Symbol, whose pyramid is less likely to fail as it is built on a wider and hence firmer basis.

Azoth Symbol: A man with wings like a dragonfly.  Moving quickly, lightly, and subtly. The rainstorm of the Omega Symbol has cleared the air which then becomes supportive of the mystical union of conscious and unconscious – such union being fostered by the lightness freedom of the dragonfly.

Seed degree: Taurus 6. A man charges water with healing energy. (Omega Symbol). The healing water is dispersed everywhere and blesses all of our relating.

A pink diamond. (Chandra Symbol). The strength and purity of love is the basis for all higher vision.

Fulfillment degree: Sagittarius 28. A man channeling new music from deceased composers. (Omega Symbol). Tuning in to the unbounded nature of consciousness, all creative limits are seen as illusory.

A witch’s ritual dagger. (Chandra Symbol). Higher vision is the basis for effectively cutting through all layers of discord and illusion.


As it was foretold in “The Book of Oracles” a torrential rain would happen on the day King Huzar married.

And so the king, wanting to relieve the long drought that had plagued Parsana, a land far to the east of Peth, took the month long journey there so he might wed his wife Nilina.

And as was foretold, by the evening of the day of his marriage the land of Parsana was flooded, replenishing lakes and rivers and bringing water and new life to the land.

The wise tell us that sometimes waters sleep, and grow forgetful, and when they do may abandon certain lands and peoples.  This is why Huzar is known as “The Waker of Waters.”

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