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Pisces 1. At sunset, a petrified forest glows with iridescence. (Omega Symbol) Manifesting/Experimental

(Degree Angel: VEULIAH (vay-OO-lee-AH) Defying Gravity, Prosperity)


This degree is aware of the multifarious forms through which knowledge manifests. It deeply senses the eternal realities that hide in passing forms. What is most difficult for it is to focus on any one thing, for in its world energies flow together and can seem to it so formless as to be inexpressible. The way out of this frustration is to embrace the all and move with the passing shimmerings of each moment.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A field of dandelions.” This degree has a joyful appreciation of the common and ordinary, and an understanding that all aspects of the human species shared reality have come to be due to having survived and outlived so many other ideas and ways of being that have been cast aside or minimized over time. In other words, there is an instinct for comprehending how the mainstream of society represents the strongest and most persistent motivations of the race. To try to find and support what is most positive and spiritual in this is the goal of this degree. It is the Piscean sympathy shining forth most directly, spontaneously, and universally, like the sunshine of countless stars in a galaxy of dandelions.

Pleiadian Symbol: Hundreds of merchants of all sorts of exotic items in a crowded bazaar.  Realizing the tremendous spectrum of treasures that the world has to offer, and the desire to give and receive them. They are as proliferating as the dandelions of the Chandra Symbol.

Azoth Symbol: Gifts falling from heaven, some being caught in grateful hands, others disappearing just before they hit the ground.  The soul enraptured by the panoply of continually passing opportunities. Just as the petrified trees capture the marvelous array of the lights colors the hands receive the heavenly gifts of this symbol.

Seed degree: Aries 12.
Before the end of a movie, a man leaves the theater. (Omega Symbol). Having let go of attachments to outcomes, the subtleties of knowledge are perceived.

An old woman hears the stars talking to her at night. (Chandra Symbol). Receiving the light of eternal wisdom the soul realizes its own vital fecundity.

Fulfillment degree: Libra 28.A blind piano tuner. (Omega Symbol). The shimmering subtleties of wisdom sensitize us to the process of attuning to universal harmony.

A single white swan swimming through gray mist. (Chandra Symbol). Attuned to our inherent power and joy we come into a poise that carries us through all uncertainties.


In the petrified forest of Amara many trees of stone still stand amidst the fallen logs.  All, whether standing or fallen, having turned into opal.

Travelers, overwhelmed by the shifting colors of the place have been known to hallucinate spectral flowers of every sort growing amidst the trees, and strange colored creatures of infinitely varied forms who play and dance amidst the trees.

They say also that the colors that envelop them seem at times to turn into sound — a faint cacophony at first, which, when listened to intently turns into a complex music fraught with voices that echoes in the ears for days after leaving the forest.

Those prone to confusion are advised to shun the forest, but many artists, musicians and writers seek out its precincts to feed their inspiration.

For Amara, according to the wise, exudes a subtle atmosphere which feeds and nourishes the imagination, generating all manner of visions.

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