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d32 150 150 John Sandbach

Taurus 2. A saint’s bones have turned to pure gold.(Omega Symbol) Manifesting/Sensitive

(Degree Angel: Vasariah (va-SAH-ree-Yah) Memories, Clemency and Equilibrium)


You are looking for what is absolutely enduring, essential, and of ultimate worth. It can make you slow, patient, persistent, and completely set on what your doing. This may frustrate others who want you to be more flexible, or move faster. But you know what you’re looking for, and if you keep focused on it, you will find it.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is, “Wilting flowers form a graceful pattern in a vase.” The bones endure and are made of a valuable metal that doesn’t tarnish. The wilting flowers are highly perishable – soon to revert to dust, and in the context of the world’s values, worthless. What lasts – what doesn’t last – its all beautiful, its all pure and holy. Worth is an illusory quality, continually transformed through the process of evolution.

Pleiadian Symbol:  Sheet lightning flickering in soft, shifting colors.  The capturing of spontaneous and fleeting messages from spiritual realms.

Azoth Symbol: A seer on a ship who has the ability to accurately guide it.  Intuitive navigation through; unknown waters.  Attunement to one’s inner guide.

Seed degree: Aries 14. A snake wiggling out of its own skin. (Omega Symbol).
With every transformation a clearer vision of enduring truth.

An apple tree-many rotten apples on the ground around it. (Chandra Symbol).
The illusions of waste and disuse fall away, revealing a perfect purpose and economy at work everywhere.

Fulfillment degree: Scorpio 3. A mysterious food, a small piece of which will satisfy hunger days. (Omega Symbol). Taking in the deepest essential meaning of life provides profound nourishment.

Pigs being fed. (Chandra Symbol). What dies eventually becomes food for other life forms. (Or, letting go of the fear of death and perceiving beauty in all things, we are deeply nourished by the processes of the phenomenal world).


After the long rotting the saint feels a glow within her bones. The have become pure gold, and would gleam brightly if unearthed. no reason to discover them, to sell or worship them let the doubters doubt. The gold sleeps deeply in the ground, the skull a hollow sun.

Azoth Oracle

Taresh Amuz was a seer who had the power to find destinations.  As a boy he left home and travelled to many holy places with no aid of roads or a map.  As an adult he explored the far and unknown regions of the west, and was followed by map makers who recorded the places to which he let them.

In old age he guided a ship through the vast waters of the Western Sea where he took sailors to most wondrous places, mainly islands where all manner of unknown people’s were discovered, as well as herbs imbued with countless healing powers whose seeds botanists collected and brought back to Aab.

When asked how he performed these miraculous feats he said, “whatever one can find within can be found without as well.  I voyage in myself, and what I look for is always looking for me.  These far places I discover are simply reflections of what is within.”

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