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Aquarius 17. In the distance, a smoldering mountain. (Omega Symbol) Manifesting/Sensitive

(Degree Angel: REIYEL (RAY-ee-YEL) Removing Hatred, Liberation, Helps to remove obstacles and impediments, and to live in a universe without boundaries)


There is keenness of observation here and a vast patience. This degree is aware of powers and forces all around it, and of the great potential that lies within. It senses that being at one with the forces of nature is accomplished by allowing them to work through the self, and this happens through being accepting of what is and following faithfully the subtle promptings of creative intelligence.

The Chandra symbol for this degree is “An old woman drying herbs.” This degree works on its own, is sure of what it knows, and carries on its existence apart from the world, even though it may have to function in the midst of it. It’s intent on making positive use of what’s around it, and of being as prepared as possible for any exigency. It can be purposefully stubborn and uncompromising, for it knows that in the modern world much that is old and of great value has been lost, and is desirous of insistently preserving whatever wisdom it has become the keeper of.

Pleiadian Symbol: Carvings of ferocious dogs with wings at the entrance to a temple. A fierce protectiveness toward all that is sacred. The maintaining of the purity and integrity of the spiritual light. This is reflected in the old woman of the Chandra symbol knowing how to preserve the potency of the herbs she dries.

Azoth Symbol: At noon a woman looks directly overhead at the sun which seems to blaze white. A fearless desire to perceive truth in its purest and most unadulterated form. The sun is white because the completeness of its color has not been distorted by the layers of atmosphere and its impurities.

Seed degree: Libra 23.A young boy leading a giant ox. (Omega Symbol). Through cultivating gentleness we become able to release pent-up energies deep inside us.

A tremendous boulder hovering over the ocean. (Chandra Symbol). To not fit in with the accepted way of things allows one to have one’s own ways and view of the world.

Fulfillment degree: Leo 27.A man draws a picture on the surface of the lake. (Omega Symbol). Releasing pent-up energies within becomes a basis for the subtle and fluid expression of the self.

A beaded curtain. (Chandra Symbol). The old woman drying herbs wants to be separate from the world, yet accessible to those who need her wisdom.


Rainbow Mountain is known by that name not because it is the abode of rainbows, but because the smoke that rises from its height continues to change color, taking on the most varied hues imaginable.

Even though the volcano is thought of as active due to the smoke it emits it has never been known in recorded time to have erupted.  The wise believe there are messages contained in the pattern of varying colors in the smoke, and though none have been able to make sense of these with certainty, there is a poet whose strange and mysterious poems she claims are translations of the mountain’s colored fumes.

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