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d313 150 150 John Sandbach

Aquarius 13. An artist mixes various flower and gem elixirs into her paints. (Omega Symbol) Transforming/Receptive

(Degree Angel: NITH-HAIAH (NIT-ha-YAH) Speak Your Mind, Spiritual Technology and Alchemy)


No matter what one experiences in life, there is always another level of influence happening, a subtler and finer level of energies at work. This degree knows this, and understands the need to acknowledge and creatively work with that level, as a means of making more positive anything that ones does. Nature is always ready to provide the materials to make life more wonderful for us all.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A lidless granite sarcophagus. It is empty.” This degree has a profound ability to completely let go of the past and to approach the future with no expectations. If, on the other hand it allow fear to take over, it can feel caught between a past it cannot go back to and a future it feels it can’t enter because it has no map to it. The Symbol has an empty hollow quality, which melts away when one realizes the freedom and openness it also carries. This degree can look at life in completely new ways – just as the energies of gems and flowers in the Omega Symbol allows the artist to paint paintings that show the world in new ways.

Pleiadian Symbol: The air suddenly turns cool as winds rise. The creation of a renewing and refreshing atmosphere by the allowing of spontaneous and direct communcation. Giving way to the processes of nature as a means of clearing away stagnation and heaviness. What has been contained and held back may now be liberated, as it is in the Chandra Symbol.

Azoth Symbol: In the spiritual realm a temple where many souls come to commune with each other. Ability to thrive through intuitively finding that point where deep connections with others may be accessed and the self’s true nature reaffirmed.

Seed degree: Virgo 5.With a loud explosion, a tiny black hole collides with earth. (Omega Symbol). By realizing that tiny things can have an immense impact one is inspired to work with subtleties and the hidden aspects of nature.

A skull on a pole at the entrance to a dark wood. (Chandra Symbol). Coming to terms with warnings and omens and the dark places inside, we eventually resolve to explore the future without a baggage of foreboding and expectations.

Fulfillment degree: Aries 27.Over a waterfall gleams a rainbow many thousands of years old. (Omega Symbol). Allowing beauty and wonder to shine forth in everything we do we fuse with the ever-renewed and ever-eternal light.

A fun house. (Chandra Symbol). Leaving behind thoughts of death and confinement we explore life as an experience of continual joy and surprise.


The painter Kana Terasso had inherited from her grandfather Serapis, greatest of all alchemists, a storeroom filled with thousands of vials of gem and flower elixirs.  These she mixed into her paints, allowing the spirits of the plants and minerals to tell her which colors they desired to enter.

It is said that those sensitive enough can hear music coming from her paintings, and winds blowing, and can see through the layers of paint into other paintings that lie beneath.  Others have observed the paintings changing over time, trees growing in them, and transparent castles emerging out of mountain tops.

For the spirits living in the elixirs are undying, and love to play, and will seek whatever form is at hand in which to do their dreaming.



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