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d311 150 150 John Sandbach

Aquarius 11. A man clearing out his own aura. (Omega Symbol) Transforming/Experimental

(Degree Angel: MELAHEL (MAY-la-HEL) Sharing Divine Energy, Healing Powers)


The truth at work here is, if you take care of the generalities, the specifics will fall into place. This degree knows that problems always need a medium in which to grow, and that medium is the joyless self, the fearful self, and the self drained of energy. So lets bring in more joy, more contact with our spirit and more light for the betterment of us all.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Crows eating the corn that a farmer has sown.” If you turn conflict of interests into power struggles complete with victimizer and victim you will never be happy. This degree is aware of forces which thwart its efforts, and is learning to find ways of overcoming this obstacle through negotiation and being sensitive to the needs of others, so that all can thrive and work together. When we learn how to support ourselves inwardly by focusing on the spiritual light – which is always loving and giving – we naturally draw to ourselves outer forces that mirror that light and hence are willing to take care of and support us.

Pleiadian Symbol: A poet sleeping in the midst of his poems which are scattered everywhere around him. Effortless creation from the depths of one’s intuitive self. The ability to exist comfortably and peacefully in the energetic field of one’s self-expression.

Azoth Symbol: At sunset a shepherd watches his peaceful flock. Effortless nurturing of whatever has been given to one to take care of. The ability to support others in a calm and assured manner.

Seed degree: Leo 11. A man using both hands is writing several stories simultaneously. (Omega Symbol). Such a build up of so many different energies makes us aware of the need to clear our aura and reboot our energy system.

A boy removing a thorn from his foot. (Chandra Symbol). The healing of one’s understanding allows one to attune to the forces of nature.

Fulfillment degree: Aquarius 26.The sound of the ocean kept in a small box. (Omega Symbol). Clearing our aura we are then calm and focused enough to sense the inner sea.

Dragonflies around a stagnant pool. (Chandra Symbol). Detaching from what has hurt us, we may then lightly hover above it to observe and understand.


The clearing of one’s aura is similar to the clearing of a continent.  That is, the aura, like a continent, is filled with weather, and climate zones, mountains, and forests, and ghosts, and vast cities often, where people gather to suffer their nightmares.

I once saw a war being fought in my own aura.  With the help of the gods I summoned an army of tiny dragons and soon the tide was turned, and peace was made.

Such are often the ways of this silent continent.

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