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d308 150 150 John Sandbach

Aquarius 8. A man experiences much pain and discomfort as wings sprout on his back. (Omega Symbol) Interacting/Receptive

(Degree Angel: PAHALIAH (pa-HA-lee-YAH) Victory Over Addictions, Release from Bondage)


The letting go of any personal limitations can be difficult, and can create fear. This degree believes without reservation that people are capable of change, and can be very encouraging of the process of them doing so, no matter how hard it is. To enter into a new way of being requires new abilities and skills, and this degree has a clear sensing of what these are and how to develop them.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A book. The words in it keep changing.” When you quit expecting life to be consistent, everything becomes more interesting. This degree can look at the same thing again and again and each time see something different. This is much truer to how things really are. Its multiple interpretations, when shared, can help others to be more open-minded and flexible in their assessments.

Pleiadian Symbol: A master clothing designer’s creations displayed. The beautiful and artful constructing of roles and identities.

Azoth Symbol: Old problems brought up and re-assessed. The revising of attitudes and objectives as higher and higher levels of consciousness are attained.

Seed degree: Cancer 5.A statue of ice sitting in the desert. It doesn’t melt. (Omega Symbol). When we come to a point of deep coolness and stillness we find in ourselves the ability to transcend the physical.

A trap door under a rug. (Chandra Symbol). Discovering the hidden ways out of everything, we realize that life is a process of continual change.

Fulfillment degree: Scorpio 26.A witch dressed in black. Her clothes are turning white. (Omega Symbol). Growing more and more into our true self we find our identity filling with light.

A she-wolf. Her udders full of milk. (Chandra Symbol). When so many possibilities are realized we realize also the richness we have which can be used to nurture others.


It is known by all that the herb Ornithalia,or Wingbane will cause one to sprout wings if it is religiously applied daily over a period of months.  Few do this, though, and the ones that try most often stop after but a few applications?  Why?   Because Wingbane is a most painful herb, the pain being not so much of a physical sort but a pain of the spirit, for it causes one, as it works, an almost unendurable desire for freedom, and even though the herb eventually grants it, in the interim the waiting is more than most can endure.

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