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Capricorn 27. A group of fish at the edge of a pool. They are looking up at someone. (Omega Symbol) Transforming/Sensitive

(Degree Angel: HAZIEL (HA-zee-EL) Angelic Influences, Divine Mercy and Forgiveness)


This degree has the ability to look beyond its own frame of reference into other realities and planes of existence. It has a patient, receptive quality, and senses that answers are all around it, waiting to be had if one can only be receptive and make within oneself an empty space in which to receive the knowledge. It manifests a quiet inspiration that can access universal wisdom in a pure form.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A long mirrored hallway lit with candles.” The mirrors and candles allow us to see where we are going, and this degree has a gift for both pointing out the way, and helping everyone to get their bearings more clearly. It knows that no one stays any place for long – unless they need to, and even though they may feel stuck somewhere, they’re actually subconsciously loitering and don’t know it. And even when we feel lonely in our journey, if we are observant we’ll always find mirrors and candles willing to befriend us.

Pleiadian Symbol: Visitors to the hut of a great seer who lives in the mountains.

Azoth Symbol: Knights journeying through a forest in search of a dragon.

Seed degree: Aquarius 22. A master healer is gradually restructuring someone’s body. (Omega Symbol). When we tune in to those living forces of wisdom within we find we are able to use that energy to effect profound changes in this world and to help others to open up to higher states of consciousness.

A woman making lace. (Chandra Symbol). Working delicately and lovingly with the intricacies of life we find our way forward become more and more clear as it is illuminated by our intuition.

Fulfillment degree: Sagittarius 25An old book that on one has ever read. (Omega Symbol). The understandings that swim within our subconscious and which are always ready and willing to reveal themselves to our conscious mind are eternal truths that are ever find a new and unique expression through our own utterly unique being.

A small boat with no one in it. It is gradually drifting out to sea. (Chandra symbol). When we can clearly see the way forward we then realize that what we need to enhance our journey is to take care of whatever we are going to use as our vehicle of travel and to meet whatever responsibilities it requires of us.


The Mimora fish of Aab eat no food but rather feed off the perception of living beings.  When visitors stand by the pool in the temple gardens where the Mimora live the fish come near the surface at the edge of the pond and gaze into the faces above them.  Later it is seen that pictures appear on their shining iridescent scales, pictures which float into and out of focus as they move across the fishes bodies.  These are pictures of the faces they saw, and of the memories they found in those faces.

In fact Serapis has developed a technique for the restoration of memory.  He takes a person to the pool and once the Mimora have seen him he sees his own past reflected in their bodies, which, over time, strengthens and restores his own memory.   

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