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* Gemini-29


Degree Angel: LAVIAH (LAH-vee-YAH) Great Escape, Revelation, Transforming/Responsible




Omega Symbol: A biologist doing intensive research on mold.


You are a natural specialist. You love to delve into whatever captivates your attention to the deepest depths possible, hoping to reach beyond the farthest imaginable limits. Others may criticize you as being obsessive and excessive, but your deep sea diving can bring back valuable information, marvelous truths and enriching energies for all.


Pleiadian Symbol: At dawn the calls of birds mingle with dreams.


There is a merging, in this symbol, of the inner reality of dreams with the outer reality of the bird calls.  You’re aware of how your outer reality mirrors what’s going on inside you, and of how everyone uses their outer reality as a means of reflecting what’s going on within them.  We all do this by adopting filters that cause us to selectively see things in the way we wish to, but we often aren’t aware we are filtering our experiences in this way.  You can help others to realize this is happening, which then helps them to get more deeply in touch with what’s going on inside them, and to find new and more meaningful ways of relating to the world around them.


Chandra Symbol: A garden planted solely with shade plants.


The shade plants need a minimum of light, as does the mold. We are looking here into the dark side of life – which is not bad, and not to be feared. The shade plants are more akin to the Moon than the Sun, and the mold is a symbol of the past, which is ruled by the Moon. This degree is about immersion in the dark aspects of self and reality, and exploring extremes. The end result is a fuller understanding of the light, and the potential of enriching others in unexpected, unusual and wonderfully imaginative ways.


Azoth Symbol:  Novelists discussing each others’ works.


You like to compare your ideas and imaginings with the ones that others have, so you can see both similarities and contrasts between your stories and how you approach your world.  You have an ability to draw out the most private parts of other people and to share your private world with them in what becomes a richness of interaction that sparks many and diverse insights.


Seed Degree: Pisces – 9


A ghost peacefully coexisting with a family in a house. (Omega Symbol). Sensing how the shadows of the past are living with us, we set out on a quest to see and understand them more clearly – both to rid ourselves of their negative influence as well as to learn valuable information from them. Dusk.


A vampire awakens. (Chandra Symbol). The arising in us of urges that have been hidden – often ones that have a threatening or ominous quality – causes us to want to learn how to befriend, nurture, and make use of them.


Fulfillment Degree: Leo – 8


An old medicine man with eyes like a snake’s. (Omega Symbol). To delve into how things break down, disintegrate and die is to arrive at a penetrating vision of the mysteries of life and to take on a nurturing role among people.


A young woman sits at a piano and improvises beautiful music. (Chandra Symbol). To cultivate a restful coolness within the soul allows creative inspiration to arise spontaneously.


Omega Oracle


Myriad beyond counting are the nations of mold through which the biologist wanders. To heal, to digest, to quietly destroy is their love. He attempts to speak to them, and some whisper to him precious secrets pertaining to their uses. Others speak in strange tongues he cannot understand, and still others are so lost in silence they are as if asleep and cannot speak at all. And within their realms he also discovers kingdoms of poison, each with its own breed of attendant fears, its own army of clouds and nightmares.


Tiring of his work the biologist goes in search of sunlight.

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