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d287 150 150 John Sandbach

Capricorn 17. A man stretching slowly and carefully in many different directions. (Omega Symbol) Manifesting/Sensitive

(Degree Angel: HAIYAEL (HA-ee-ya-EL) Prophecy and Parallel Universes, Divine Warrior/Weaponry)


This degree gently tests limits, feeling them out carefully to get a clear understanding of them. It is naturally adept at working within limits, and stretching them in a controlled way. It realizes that when inflexibility and rigidity is encountered one must proceed with care and smoothly, and that to reach beyond barriers may require patience and persistence.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A gold ring baked into a cake.” This degree discovers gifts everywhere being delivered by the universe. Just as the ring is concealed in the cake, so many of these gifts are not visible or knowable at first. Life must be taken in and digested, and then in the process of doing so the gold ring emerges.

The ring is of gold, the metal of the Sun, the planet which signifies that which meaningful and enduring. These gifts of gold are to be found everywhere – they are simply not noticed most of the time. This degree wants to exhort everyone to “Notice! Notice!,” for gold mines are discovered in the most unlikely of places.

We can do far more with what life presents us with than we are aware of – this is the message of this degree.

Pleiadian Symbol: A Moon Goddess stepping into a sacred pool.

Azoth Symbol: A group of notebooks of creative ideas that belonged to a famous author.

Seed degree: Libra 22. A man avoiding moonlight. (Omega Symbol). The desire to overcome the potentially negative effect of our emotions impels us eventually to clear our rigidities and restrictions.

An ancient glass vial perfectly preserved. (Chandra Symbol). To protect our sensitivity from damaging influences supports us in seeing the unexpected opportunities and gifts that life is always offering.

Fulfillment degree: Aquarius 24. A helicopter depositing a man on top of the Great Pyramid. (Omega Symbol). When we keep our being limber both physically and psychologically we often find that seemingly arduous and difficult tasks can become effortless. Also, when we let to of limiting beliefs we create circumstances which facilitate our needs.

A large brown bear picking and eating apples. (Chandra Symbol). Faith in the flow of gifts constantly coming from the universe encourages us to enjoy simply and directly the fruits of existence.


Having been carved out of stone and then imbued with life by Eusebius Grandor, a master alchemist, a certain beautiful youth of Peth, white as marble, found he bore a chronic stiffness in all his joints which could only be relieved by careful and daily stretching, the stretches having been invented for him by a certain highly gifted dancer, whose name he was sworn never to reveal, and who specialized in ritual magic.

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