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d275 150 150 John Sandbach

Capricorn 5. A photographer hand-coloring a landscape. (Omega Symbol) Manifesting/Inspired

(Degree Angel: HARAHEL (HA-ra-HEL) Umbilical Cord, Intellectual Richness)


This degree knows how to combine imagination and reality in a harmonious way. It imbues whatever it touches with its own unique aura, which brings out the vividness and beauty of them, as well as expressing the originality of the self. It is an antidote for dreariness and commonness, for it causes others to realize the spiritual elements at work in everything around them.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Tall dark cypress trees in a cemetery.” This degree is about getting above all death and change so that it can be seen as necessary and important in the whole picture of existence. The uplifting and enduring presence of the cypress trees in the cemetery bring hope and joy to the scene, the same way that the colors used by the photographer in the corresponding Omega symbol also do.

Pleiadian Symbol: Long boats on the way to festivities down river.

Azoth Symbol: People walking in a cool arcade of stone arches.

Seed degree: Taurus 28. A man channeling a set of degree symbols. (Omega Symbol). When we creatively embrace the whole of life and allow ourselves to experience its completeness, we naturally bring our own individual beauty to everything that we become a part of.

A man making candles out of beeswax. (Chandra Symbol). Finding ways to share our light with other people moves us toward a deeply rooted and grounded way of supporting all spiritual seeking.

Fulfillment degree: Aquarius 23. In a catacomb, a room decorated with hundreds of skulls and bones. (Omega Symbol). The more we share our vision of beauty with others the freer both we and they become from fear of death — in fact death is eventually seen by us as a beautiful experience, for it can help us to be even closer to other people.

Ancient runes carved at random on gray rocks. (Chandra Symbol). Seeing death for the natural process that it is, and realizing that it provides us with a powerful way of assisting us in our spiritual growth, we are freed to live a more casual, spontaneous existence in which we savor all of life’s mysteries.


Here is a landscape whose light has been caught in a photograph. The photographer, though, sees other colors there, and they want to invade the landscape, to flow into it through his paints, to create another landscape, one that grows out of the present one but which opens it like a door into another place, one of which the photographer has dreamed.

His coloring of the landscapes he photographed became for him a way of allowing others into the landscapes of his dreams, viewers who looked and entered, so that he might meet them there and share with them a secret connection.

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