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d27 150 150 John Sandbach

Aries 27. Over a waterfall gleams a rainbow many thousands of years old. Transforming/Sensitive

(Degree Angel: YERATEL (YEH-ra-TEL) Silent Partner, Propagation of the Light)


You have a feeling for how everything changes, yet nothing changes. Amidst the turbulence of the world you sense a calm, knowing self that floats above it all. As you tune in to this more and more you are renewed at every moment, and increasingly aligned with the eternal you. This tremendous aliveness merged with complete peace is your fulfillment.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A fun house.” The shocks and surprises inside the fun house can trigger the liberation of blocked energies, helping us to release fear and pent-up tension, leading, eventually to the clarity of the rainbow, which, when we realize it, we see is our timeless self that was ever-present behind all outer illusions.

Pleiadian Symbol: Seven women in white carrying lamps enter a cave.  Exploring the unknown in a respectful and focused way, and inviting others to do the same. Entering the mysteries of the deep self with completeness and receptiveness.

Azoth Symbol: People coming and going freely between parallel universes.  A profound awareness of the vastness of options, and a fearless ability to make radical changes at will.

Seed degree: Aquarius 13. An artist mixes various flower and gem elixirs into her paints. (Omega Symbol). Through the process of turning everything we think and do into a blessing and a renewal of life we tap into emotional healing and the exalted beauty that inevitably derives from it.

A lidless granite sarcophagus. It is empty. (Chandra Symbol). Freed from having any restrictions or having to wait for anything we can playfully explore life.

Fulfillment degree: Gemini 3. An invisible man wandering in the night. (Omega Symbol). The clearing and cleansing of the emotional body frees us to travel the inner realms in complete safety, for our lightness of being protects us from any harm.

A dense thicket of brambles surrounding a magic castle. (Chandra Symbol). Journeying through the realm of the unexpected we eventually come to the source of magic, which we may enter if we become gentle and light and believe in our power to enter.

Omega Oracle

Does speaking of the age of rainbows have any meaning? Although rainbows seem to continue through a certain temporal duration, does color age? I asked the colors one day if they aged. They said they certainly felt at times as if they did, but when they remembered that coming together they gave birth to white, they were freed of all memory and awakened from time.

Azoth Oracle

“Parallel universes,” Irnad said, and sighed.  “My favorite topic.  They are everywhere, appearing and disappearing.  It’s the only way everything imaginable can be acomodated, and acomodated it is.  The wondrous part is the way people step in and out of them continually, not even knowing they have journeyed so far.  For the light, in its vast richness creates parallel universes identical to this one, except, maybe, for a different placement of one grain of dust.  Of course other parallel universes are so completely different from this one that a grain of dust might be all they have in common.  Others are truly different from our current one in all aspects, but even so, we see them with our hidden senses, know them, and enter them.

“But what is it that links them all together,” asked a student.

“Memory, desire, and imagination,” answered Irnad, “In other words, all forms of love.”



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