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d265 150 150 John Sandbach

Sagittarius 25. An old book that no one has ever read. (Omega Symbol) Interacting/Inspired

(Degree Angel: VEHUEL(Vay-hoo-EL) Happiness, Elevation, Grandeur)


We can choose to go through an experience for the sake of learning what it has to teach, but we can also simply take it in instantaneously – if and when we are ready to do so. Part of this degree wants to take the step-by-step method because it loves the process, but another part of it has the magical capacity to merge with energy and through becoming saturated with it, assimilate its essence.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A small boat with no one in it. It is gradually drifting out to sea.” Both of these symbols are of things neglected, but rather than feeling sad and regretful about this, it can be seen as bringing possibilities for exploration. The old book of the Omega Symbol might be found to contain wonderful information. When we find another boat with which to go and retrieve the one that has drifted away, it might lead us to new places where wonderful things might be found.

Of course, the book may contain nothing of importance and the retrieval of the boat may be only a humdrum excursion, but the point is to go places we’ve never gone, to disrupt our usual routines, to try something different to see where it takes us.

Pleiadian Symbol: A sleeping child on a bed floating down a moonlit river.

Azoth Symbol: Folk musicians and classical musicians playing together.

Seed degree: Capricorn 27. A group of fish at the edge of a pool They are look up at someone. (Omega Symbol). Understandings rise to the surface and have the possibility of opening us to stored and never-before-accessed information within us

A long mirrored hallway lit with candles. (Chandra Symbol). To have a clear awareness of where we are going causes us eventually to realize the possibilities inherent in just letting things take their own natural course.

Fulfillment degree: Aries 23. A painting with countless layers of paint. (Omega Symbol). Realizing how multi-layered our reality is we come to accept that much of it can only be accessed intuitively and or subliminally and that much of it need not be accessed at all.

A bottle labeled “drink me.” (Chandra Symbol). We come to see the de-stabilizing and disorganizing forces of nature as an invitation to a potential adventure.


No one has ever read the great and sacred tome, “The Art of Darkness and Light, ” by Oban Narsad.  It is his only work, and only one copy of it was ever printed, by Narsad himself.

He stated in his diary that this book is not to be read, but to be experienced, and that any contact with it, even through the imagination alone, can lead to profound inspiration.  He also stated that anyone curious enough to open it would find the pages blank, and many have tried this and found his statement to be true.  Narsad states that the book is in fact filled with words, but they, being shy, especially of eyes, are wont to make themselves invisible when exposed to any light.

He said also that it were best not to open the book at all, for doing so might weaken its effects on anyone wanting to experience it.  It has been noted that even though the book is over a thousand years old and have been handled by countless numbers of people it shows no signs of wear.

I am the owner of this book and it is widely known that anyone coming to my library may hold and handle it as much as they like.  Many have been eager to do so, but many also have found out from it the truth that profound inspiration is not always a felicitous experience, for inspirations shine a light into the darkness, and not all people are ready see what they reveal.

Irnad the Wise calls this tome “The Book that Echoes the Inner Voice,” and I find his name for it most apt.

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