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d260 150 150 John Sandbach

Sagittarius 20. A clear, yellow gem fallen from heaven. (Omega Symbol) Manifesting/Inspired

(Degree Angel: YELAHIAH (yay-LAH-hee-YAH) Sweetening Judgment, Karmic Warrior)


The mind of this degree is uninfluenced by the minds of others, or by any other accepted or traditional ways of thinking. This is the degree at its most developed. Even, though, when muddied by the confusing overlays of other frequencies, there is still a pure, joyous, positive ray that comes through – no matter how faint it may be – with a crystalline self-assurance born of contact with the divine.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “The changing of water into wine.” Both the Omega and the Chandra Symbol are gifts, the gem a gift from above, the wine the gift of a miracle. Christ changed the water into wine at a marriage, so that the guests would have enough to drink. The fact of this sharing is the key to this degree, which generates nourishment for the purpose of bringing others together and providing them with rewarding and fulfilling experiences.

Water signifies feelings, and there the feelings are intensified and imbued with an intoxicating richness. The bland and common are transformed into vivid and wonderful experiences. This degree teaches, often without knowing it, that this is something we all have the power to do.

Pleiadian Symbol: Through a wall of ice a crystal city sparkles in sunlight.

Azoth Symbol: A man attempting to make robots that are ever more complicated.

Seed degree: Scorpio 27. At a country fair, some people are clothed, others are nude, all wear flowers. (Omega symbol). A clear mind attuned to the divine allows a free and joyous sharing between all people.

Three blue robin eggs. (Chandra Symbol). Embracing life passionately and drinking it in we are able to arrive at a creative simplicity and integrity.

Fulfillment degree: Scorpio 22. A mountain of old shoes. (Omega Symbol). Attunement to divine mind allows us to throw off all worn-out forms of understanding.

A rug woven of rags. (Chandra Symbol). Taking in emotional nourishment, we are able to let go of old identities and use them as a basis for understanding who we really are.


(From “TheBook of Miracles”) :  “It is told in the diaries of the poet Milon that the day after he had finished the first draft of his epic poem, “The Paradise” he was walking in a meadow secreted deep in the forests of Jabar, and, being tired lay himself down to rest, and as he was falling asleep a gem the size of a lizard’s egg fell from a cloudless sky onto the grass beside him.

“The gem was of a clear and perfect yellow,  a color which seemed to sing to his eyes and in so doing brought to the poet’s ear a depth of silence allowing him to hear his inner voice like never before.

“Taking the gem to his abode he placed it by his manuscript and begin to rewrite his epic, and effortlessly made thousands of changes to the original poem, changes which he said he seemed to hear emanating from the gem.

“In three days his poem was finished.  The gem was on display for many years in the Museum of Peth but disappeared one day.  Many since then have reported discovering the gem in curious and unexpected places only to find that soon after it once again disappeared.

“Irnad is currently investigating these occurrences and the effects, both covert and obvious that they’ve had on the discoverers, and plans to write a book whose tentative title is “The Secret Life of the Gem of Milon.”

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