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* Gemini-26


Degree Angel: MEBAHEL (May-ba-HEL) Farewell to Arms, Truth, Liberty, and Justice, Transforming/Experimental




Omega Symbol: A man cutting the limb of a persimmon tree to make a wand.


You can do things on your own, without the need of directions or outer promptings. You make use of what is at hand, and are willing to experiment with what you find around you to see if it suits your purposes. You have the ability to tap into ancient knowledge to find just what you need to proceed on your path. You have an instinct for knowing what is missing and how to find it.


Pleiadian Symbol: Ice devas decorating a forest.


Playing with the crystalline beauties of the universe, meaning that you like anything that’s clear and which scatteres and disperses light, for you love the way it delights the spirit. Emotional expression which reflects the joy wand wonder of the soul.


Chandra Symbol: A cave with carved walls. It is an ancient temple.


The carvings on these walls are depictions of spiritual forces or possibly spiritual texts which have been carved in so they will be more impervious to the effects of time than paint would be. This degree is about remembering what we need to remember, and returning to those sacred places within were enduring truth awaits our remembering.


Persimmon wood is exceedingly hard, and the fruit of the persimmon takes an exceedingly long time to ripen. The significance here is that this degree perfects its abilities through patience, and through staying in tune with enduring truth. It knows that the easy way may be the most expedient one, but but often the harder way yields more lasting results.


Azoth Symbol: A woman helping a maiden to don her wedding dress.


The assisting and encouraging of deep union with the universe. Supporting others as they move through trasitions, and especially helping them to become more confident by identifying with all that is positive and uplifting.  The dispelling of fears of the future by focusing on positive expectations.  The magic of bringing situations to fruition.


Seed Degree: Aquarius – 3


A man in a boat wakes up just in time to avoid a waterfall. (Omega Symbol). To become more synchronized with the needs of one’s environment becomes a way of learning on one’s own how to work with the forces of nature in a patient, grounded and vigilant manner.


A vast ornate Hindu temple depicting hundreds of Gods. (Chandra Symbol). To perceive the panoply of the vast and diverse forces at work in the universe is a prelude to choosing and inwardly focusing the energies with which one wishes to work.


Fulfillment Degree: Taurus – 8


A man lost in a tiny forest. (Omega Symbol). Taking on the patience and endurance of the persimmon deva, we go deep into ourselves to explore our own vastness.


A very complicated hedge maze. (Chandra Symbol). Entering the deep storehouse of wisdom within ourselves we learn from it the complexities of the structure of our being, and hence the means to achieve centering and higher consciousness.


Omega Oracle


The limb, had it not been cut, would have bloomed, and become laden with persimmons. The tree is happy to give up this limb, though, for it knows the other uses it might have, other than bearing persimmon fruit. Just as the fruit is born with a potent, drying bitterness, in time the fruit will ripen into luxurious sweetness and fall from the tree. So the wand, too, will take on the bitterness of the earth and its illusions, and through magic transform them into a rich nectar.

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