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d255 150 150 John Sandbach

Sagittarius 15. Prized possessions are disappearing, one by one. (Omega Symbol) Transforming/Inspired

(Degree Angel: REHAEL (RAY-ha-EL) Diamond in the Rough, Filial Submission)


Although the loss of anything valued can seem like a tragedy, it always clears the way for something else to be gained, and carries a valuable message that needs to be listened to. This degree can deeply understand those messages and perceive how when anything is stripped away, the space opened up is an invitation toward higher consciousness. It is a golden opportunity to assimilate the bliss of non-attachment.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A tidal wave approaching.” The tidal wave has not reached the shore – it is approaching. It is important to not react to change with panic, but simply to move to higher ground. We are being called on use our intuition in determining that the tidal wave is approaching, or maybe to believe those intuitive ones who are telling us that it’s coming – or maybe follow the animals as they instinctively move to higher ground. Such crises help us to see what is really important, and where our true priorities lie. And though they seem like disasters outwardly, they can bring so much wonderful and refreshing clarity in their wake.

This degree is ready to go at any moment, ready to flow with all great and momentous changes on the way. And, of course the death that we will all experience is also a great tidal wave approaching. It is best with this one, too, to move to higher ground.

Pleiadian Symbol: A bear emerges from hibernation.

Azoth Symbol: An eye hanging in darkness is seeing deeply into reality.

Seed degree: 27 Virgo. A cup made from a skull. It is filled with dark wine. (Omega Symbol). When we make a deep connection with the essence of things we are able to then let to of them.

The magician disrobes. He has no sex organs. (Chandra Symbol). Letting go of one’s fear of death and need to have an identity evokes the possibility of massive change.

Fulfillment degree: 22 Gemini. A painting that, once it is seen, cannot be remembered. (Omega Symbol). When we can let go of whatever we are attached to we then can forever see life in a new way and hence be fully in the moment.

A young girl is sold to a sultan. (Chandra Symbol). When drastic situations arise we do whatever we have to to survive.


They should have never turned the temple into a museum, for the temple wished to be a temple, and had the power to be one.  So one by one it ate the treasures of the museum, digested them, causing them to disappear, to vanish, to become part of the original temple’s sacred aura.

Eventually, no matter how many guards were posted, all of the museum’s artifacts disappeared, and, mourning their terrible losses the curators of the museum abandoned the museum, for they had come to the conclusion that it was cursed.  And so it was, because they had made it so.

The Temple, though, was blessed.  It had always been so, but now even more, for it had nourished itself on so many rare and precious artifacts.

From then on it sat abandoned, except for certain knowers who came to worship there — knowers who delighted with the temple in its emptiness.

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