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d247 150 150 John Sandbach

Sagittarius 7. A mirror covered with a shroud. (Omega Symbol) Interacting/Sensitive

(Degree Angel: LECABEL (LAY-ca-BEL) Finish what you start, Intellectual Talent)


This degree has an instinct for looking beyond appearances into the deep core of things. It cares not for how and what something appears to be, but has a burning desire to know what it really is. There is an ability here to remain uninfluenced by others and to maintain a deep personal integrity. We might title this degree “The Denial of the Surface.”

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Rats with ruby eyes.” Ruby is the gem of the Sun, and so these rat eyes bring illumination to dark places, to seek out anything which will support the process of surviving. In the Omega Symbol no one or anything is allowed to see itself, whereas in the Chandra symbol the eyes of the rats have X-ray vision and can see what is deeply hidden.

There is nothing in the mirror except for the shroud, and then when the shroud is removed the light recreates everything outside the mirror inside the mirror. And so when we are intensely seeking something outside ourselves we must always remember that we are also and most importantly seeking it within ourselves, and when we find it in the inner, it will appear in the outer.

This degree is penetrating, sharp, and acutely observant.

Pleiadian Symbol: A glowing fairy flies into the room of a sleeping maiden.

Azoth Symbol: Books organized by one method and then reorganized by another.

Seed degree: Gemini 21. A healer breaks up adhesions beneath an old wound. (Omega Symbol). Finding and clearing out the stuck and stagnant places within reinforces our ability to stay with the here and now rather than getting lost in reflections and projections.

Wine casks retrieved from an ancient shipwreck. (Chandra Symbol). Drinking deep of the past’s magic we are granted penetrating visions of hidden realms.

Fulfillment degree: Libra 21. The sea as still as a mirror. (Omega Symbol). When we are able to let go of illusions, the peace and clarity we attain to attunes us to exalted spiritual realities.

A magician with a live snake for a belt. (Chandra Symbol). Attuning ourselves to our own personal and living wisdom we find ourselves having penetrating insight that can see into the darkness and inspire us with the cleverness to survive and thrive.


The Princess Tarsad owns a mirror which she says is alive, and very shy.  She therefore keeps it covered most often with a shroud.  Sometimes it has been said by her friends then when allowed to look into it the mirror is always dim, even in the brightest light, and is so shadowy in its depths that they can barely see themselves.  But, as the mirror becomes more acquainted and comfortable with a person it will tentatively brighten somewhat, as if reflecting back moonlight, and sometimes will shine forth brilliant flashes when surprised or experiencing sudden joy.

Having now been friends with it for a long time I find that when I come to visit Princess Tarsad and look into it it will fill with bright sunshine, and impart to my face a glow of health, as if it were wishing me well.

It is, though, a mirror of moods and sometimes seems to envelop everything in mist, as if confused, or will darken in jealousy if other famous mirrors are mentioned in its presence.

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