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d244 150 150 John Sandbach

Sagittarius 4. A great teacher lecturing in an empty classroom. (Omega Symbol) Manifesting/Responsible

(Degree Angel: SEHEIAH (say-HAY-ee-YAH) Soul Mate, Longevity, Releases body and mind from negative emotions)


This degree has knowledge that must come out, even if it isn’t acknowledged or accepted by others. There is an ability here to be impervious to the negative reactions and/or disinterest of others. As long as this degree focuses on what it needs to do and lets go of any apprehensions concerning the ramifications of its actions, it can live true to itself.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A young prince undressed to bathe in a pool.” The young man puts himself in a vulnerable position by taking away all the barriers between himself and nature. He then enters the water, the sacred womb of the mother to be refreshed, cleansed and purified. This degree is about seeking direct experience by divesting oneself of preconceptions and social conditionings, and by also letting go of assertiveness and agendas so as to have a full experience of what’s right there in front of one.

It’s not easy to give oneself completely over to the feminine. It requires a lot of macho courage and gutsiness.

Pleiadian Symbol: A baby held upright is laughing as it takes each step.

Azoth Symbol: A city constructed to reflect and emanate universal harmony.

Seed degree: Taurus 15. A platinum crucible. (Omega Symbol). Maintaining a cool receptivity even in the midst of raging fires we find ourselves divested of the need to be justified by the approval of others.

His best friend sings a song at his funeral. (Chandra Symbol). The communication of love can heal sadness, and help us to put aside our defenses so that we may engage in a complete and intimate communion with our own emotions.

Fulfillment degree: Cancer 21. A man milking a poisonouw snake of its venom so that he can make an antidote. (Omega Symbol). Having experienced a profound lack of response when we try to reach out to others, we seek out direct, confrontative, and clever means to deal with negativity that often involved using it against itself.

High up on a mountain an eagle’s nest. (Chandra Symbol). When we immerse ourselves in the healing energies of nature it psychically removes us from heavy and discordant energy so that we are refreshed and empowered, and distanced from negativity.


He spoke, morning and evening, for several hours each day, telling what he knew, imagining questions coming from non-existent students, and then answering them, the questions often leading off into other topics and other realms of knowledge. He know not the bounds or limits of his knowing, for as he spoke he learned more, the knowledge rising to the surface like water from a bottomless spring.

Centuries later the room where that happened became a place where students came to sit, bookless, their eyes closed, absorbing the reverberations which still could be felt faintly echoing from the walls, and which awakened in them other, hidden springs.

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