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Scorpio 29. Through a doorway, nothing but empty, blue sky in all directions. (Omega Symbol) Transforming/Responsible

(Degree Angel: MELAHEL (MAY-la-HEL) Sharing the Flame, Healing Capacity)


This degree opens doorways to greater freedom and expanded realities. It has a deep awareness of all limitations and a sense of the way out of them, and even if the step through a door into a greater reality cannot be taken at a particular time, at least there can be a looking through that door – a seeing into what is beyond so it may be appreciated and possibly entered into later. We might call this degree “The Freeing Power of Death.”

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “An umbilical cord.” when there is an intensity and fullness of connection there can be intimate and profound giving and receiving. Umbilical cords were made to be severed, leading to the complete freedom within the universe that is signified by the “blue sky in all directions.”

The severing of the umbilical cord can be a joyous release, or it can be terrifying and alienating, just as the blue sky can feel wonderfully open and free, or cold and empty. Its all about whether or not we’re projecting love or fear onto the situation.

Pleiadian Symbol: After an earthquake priceless artifacts are being carried away from a museum.  Making the most of whatever comes, and realizing the loss of the one hand can be gain on the other.  Even though this symbol carries overtones of opportunism and pillage, it begs the question “who is the rightful owner of anything?”  Awareness of the karma inherent in all acts of theft, and the need to continually renew the care and protection of one’s treasures.

Azoth Symbol: Messages hidden in all the measurements of an ancient city. The constant realization of the meaningfulness of all proportions and relationships, and the desire to read the messages hidden everywhere in reality.

Seed degree: Pisces 14 Unconcerned with how he is going to escape, a man explores an infinite library. (Omega Symbol). If we give in completely to our curiosities and obsessions we find that eventually they play themselves out and leave us free.

After a feast, much uneaten foods remains on the plates. (Chandra Symbol). When we are truly aware of the abundance of the universe, we grow beyond any current forms of dependence.

Fulfillment degree: Aquarius 20. Wind carving sand patterns in the desert. (Omega Symbol). When we realize the freedom and openness in which we dwell, we are able to be relaxed and gentle in our communication and searching.

A fine silk thread strung across a chasm. (Chandra Symbol). When we realize that we will be able, ultimately, to overcome all dependencies we open to the perception of all the subtleties of connections we may make that have the power to span any and all gulfs.


(From the book “Strange Entrances,” by Ethelric the Dubious): “A hidden doorway was discovered by accident in the study of a certain deceased Alchemist whose relatives have requested that his name remain anonymous. When this doorway was opened there was found to be nothing beyond it but blue, cloudless sky to be seen in all directions. The sky was competely devoid of features – no Sun, Moon or passing birds marred its perfection, and even when night came the sky beyond the door remained the same blue.

“A certain bold investigator actually stepped through the door and found himself freed of gravity as he floated in space. When he turned back he saw the door and the room he had come from, but with no other supportive edifice surrounding it. Swimming through blue to see what was behind the door he found nothing but more blue. When he returned to the door and stepped back into the study he glowed with a faint blue radiance which lasted for several hours.

“News of the room spread fast and excited crowds came to see it, and can attest to its reality, though it faded in just three days, as if it had been nothing more than a flower, leaving behind it a wall of stone.”



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