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or23 150 150 John Sandbach

Aries 23. A painting with countless layers of paint.

Other paintings were under the surface, so many no one knew how many. The canvas was a repository of hidden paintings, a haven where they could live a life of their own far from the eyes of those who might change them with their limiting expectations and assumptions. The surface felt all this hidden joy and contentment, which reflected mysteriously and ineffably in its surface. And in time those who looked carefully felt they could see beyond the surface barrier, into these realms of secret pleasures

Azoth Oracle

The Seer Tarzeed Athanos loved the Iridar Mountains.  He was born in a village in their foothills and spent the days of his youth visiting their shrines and temples.  When advised by his elders to travel the country to spread his teachings he regretted deeply that he would have to leave the high peaks, that were always with him.

It was observed, though, that when he left home and traveled into far provinces, that no matter where he came to deliver, in the open air, his teachings there always appeared behind him a range of mountains, which seemed to give clarity and greater power to his words.

A student asked, one day, “But master Tarzeed, do you not regret that the mountains that follow you are always at your back, never to be seen by you?”

“But I do see them,” answered Tarzeed,”There behind you as I speak.  For the gift I give you of their vision, I receive the gift of seeing the ones that are ever present with you.”

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