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d225 150 150 John Sandbach

Scorpio 15. Intently and faithfully a man observes his own breath. (Omega Symbol) Transforming/Inspired (Degree Angel: HAZIEL (HA-zee-EL) Angelic Influences, Divine Mercy and Forgiveness)


The greatest creative act is to merge with the present moment as it moves through time. To be in the present is to be in the process of letting go, because what we hold onto is always the past, or a fear bracing against the impact of the future. And letting go is death, the joyous relief of dying, which must be embraced if we are to live fully. This is the wisdom of Scorpio 15.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A woman with a gold tooth.” Defects and weaknesses when finally and completely worked through become strengths. The tooth has decayed, but the decayed part is replaced by something more perfect than the original tooth. This degree is about embracing one’s own weaknesses and vulnerabilities, and realizing that they are not just something one has to live with, but can be overcome, especially if one is willing to be patient and attentive, as the man of the corresponding Omega Symbol.

Pleiadian Symbol: Inside an hourglass children playing. Awareness of all the limits which processes impose, and yet enjoying them from a forever fresh perspective as they unfold.

Azoth Symbol: A man seeking the truth behind a complex and confusing situation.

Seed degree: Virgo 26. Under the full moon, a sagging balcony. (Omega Symbol). When we instinctively perceive that which is no longer supporting us, it impels us to come vividly into the present so as to re-engage ourselves with our own life force.

An old man counting gold coins. (Chandra Symbol). Carefully assessing what it is we posess, we attempt to use it to heal and balance ourselves.

Fulfillment degree: Sagittarius 19. An old, abandoned garden, everything under a blanket of ivy. (Omega Symbol). Through living more and more completely in the moment we learn to allow much of life to live itself without our manipulation or intervention.

A monstrous sea creature dead, washed up on the beach. (Chandra Symbol). When we work to overcome our weaknesses and heal and balance ourselves, the process of doing so automatically brings up everything in ourselves that we need to make contact with.


He followed his breath as it wandered in and out of his body. It explored him like an unknown country, a breath without memory, for every moment it was born anew. And as it discovered his hidden realms he discovered them also, for he rode the breath into old, dark territories, places in his body where memories lay dormant, memories that woke as the breath moved through them, dissolved them and carried them away in its exhalations. It was the work which the breath had been waiting to perform, patiently, for all these years.



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