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Scorpio 13: An acupuncturist who activates points simply by holding a needle above them. (Omega Symbol) Transforming/Receptive

(Degree Angel: ACHAIAH (a-KA-hee-YAH) DNA of the Soul, Patience)


Here is a tremendous subtlety that is empowered by intent and instinct. This degree is very gentle, and carries much healing energy. It has an ability to clearly and acutely identify where energy is being disrupted by blockages, and knows instinctively that the direct and/or overt approach to clearing these is often what won’t work. There are other ways – always – and this degree is privy to them.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Someone tells a joke and no one laughs.” This image begs the question, “What happens next?” One possible scenario is that the person who told the joke feels abashed, ridiculous, even guilty, or inappropriate. Another scenario is that the person tries another joke and sees if the other people will like that one. Or maybe jokes are forgotten and the subject is changed altogether. This is a “try it and see” degree.

Pleiadian Symbol: An alchemist reworking a formula. The fine tuning of structures and revising of forms even when others may have rigidly assumed them to be immutable.  New understandings impelling one to make rearrangements.

Azoth Symbol: The voice of one deceased is heard in the stillness. The ability to attune to the peace needed to allow subtle messages from other realms to come through.

 Seed degree: Virgo 2. A table on which many healings have been performed. (Omega Symbol). When the healing energy has been built up over time it can be activated with a minimum of force.

A man hanging upside down from a tree. (Chandra Symbol). When one is deeply attuned to spiritual realities the responses one gets from the outer world can be unexpected.

Fulfillment degree: Libra 19. An innovative dancer performing a strange ballet. (Omega Symbol). Being able to tune in to and direct the subtle energies of healing opens one up to a realm of creative expression that can release all pent up energies and held karmas.

Young boys picking and eating cherries off a tree. (Chandra Symbol). When one does not get the reinforcement one expects from the outside world, new, simple and joyous means are found with which to connect with others. Oracle

(From Usar the Variable’s book “Cities of the Iridar.”): It is known of certain acupuncturists of the city of Saalem on the Iridar river that they possess needles of fine crystal in which live the 72,000 solar color beings called “Those of the Rainbow.” And that by simply holding the tip of these needles above certain places on the surface of the body these beings perceive what is needed of them and enter into the body of the one being healed, penetrating it as a exceedingly fine and unseen radiance, which is perceived only by certain seers trained to do so, and that this light moves and shimmers through the sick one as it seeks out shadows, discords and other plagues, thereby returning to the spirit its ascendancy over those fleshly illusions.



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