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d218 150 150 John Sandbach

Scorpio 8. A woman in a hot bath. Outside, snow is falling. (Omega Symbol) Interacting/Receptive

(Degree Angel: JELIEL (Jay-lee-EL) Recapturing the Sparks, Love and Wisdom)


There is an ability here to create one’s own atmosphere around the self and to be so thoroughly immersed in it that one becomes impervious to any harsh or unfriendly conditions in the outer world. There is a need, though, to question one’s motives for ignoring outer reality. At its highest the energy can be used to protect oneself so that creative and spiritual agendas can be carried out. But if this way of being is not serving a higher purpose and is depended on to the point of becoming a crutch, it will result in stagnation, and eventually fail.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A retarded man with white hair. He has an angelic countenance.” This degree is beyond intellect, and even if the person who has a planet in this degree is intellectual they will be detached from such processes, in such a way that the narrowness and biases that create intellectual limits are transcended. Sometimes it will disturb other people that the person of this degree knows things automatically and directly, even when they have had no prior exposure to them, or haven’t taken in much information about them. This ability to directly access truth can be used to nurture others, and help them to realize the existence of other realms of reality.

Pleiadian Symbol:   At night the moon finds places to dance. What’s stored in the emotional body is always going to find a way out and when not consciously allowed to do so will find a way when you least expect it.

Azoth Symbol: A man lays in bed calmly listening to a poltergeist. Allowing whatever is within to express and to play itself out.  The letting go of all controls so that trapped impulses may be liberated.

Seed degree: Cancer 2. A man with no navel. (Omega Symbol). When we let go of our need to depend on anything outer we find within a deep nourishment that protects us even in the midst of the most non-life-supporting environments.

A bunch of iron keys. (Chandra Symbol). We have all that we need to open all doors and when we realize this we come into a synthesis of our innocence and our wisdom.

Fulfillment degree: Taurus 19. A bottle of gold dust gathered from many places over many years. (Omega Symbol). Meaning extracted from many different experiences and sources is synthesized together and creates an inner assurance that is joyful, nurturing, and warm, and which protects us from the hostile forces of life.

A crown turns into goat horns. (Chandra Symbol). Expressing our wisdom in a simple and unabashed way, and giving up the need to intellectually and objectively justify ourselves becomes a source of true empowerment.


In the high mountains North of Peth is a hot springs known as the waters of Kelaar which flows forth into a realm of ice and snow. For the delight of travelers alchemists versed in the transplantation of weather have surrounded it with a small piece of jungle no more than100 paces in diameter. (And by the laws of weather transplantation there must exist somewhere, deep in some far off jungle a small patch of land shrouded in eternal snow).

It was here that the lady poet Jaralia loved to bathe in the warm, mineral rich waters as she gazed through the surrounding thicket of ferns and palms into the falling snow that could just be glimpsed beyond. In her famous autobiography she states, “My heart is like these waters of Kelaar, arising from unknown depths and flowing forth into their small lush land, an island arising in the midst of a realm of vast desolation.”



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