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* Gemini-21


Degree Angel: HAZIEL (HA-zee-EL) Angelic Influences, Divine Mercy and Forgiveness, Interacting/Experimental




Omega Symbol: A healer breaks up adhesions beneath an old wound.


You have an instinct for finding just the right stimuli you need to break out of old restrictive patterns. You sense stuck places both in yourself and others, and are naturally drawn to affecting them by your words and actions. This can be wonderfully healing. The problem is that people may resist your input, because it can be painful. If this is the case, you need to move on to those who are receptive to your energy.


Pleiadian Symbol: Magically the trolls make the stones weightless as the build the castle.


Overcoming of the illusion of difficulty and hardship. Making the most difficult of jobs almost effortless. Power achieved when one finds one’s own way of doing things.


Chandra Symbol: Wine casks retrieved from an ancient shipwreck.


In both symbols we are dealing with something from the past. In the Omega Symbol that which has been restricted, tight and obstructed is being intensively worked so that it becomes open and new energy is allowed in. In the Chandra Symbol that which has been temporarily lost and has been waiting to be used for a long time is found again, and hopefully the time elapsed has helped to bring it to perfection. This degree is about going back and correcting what went wrong, and rediscovering what was lost.


Azoth Symbol: A dog gone for many months returns.


The ability to come home to one’s true spiritual self, and hence the healing of all loss.  You’re tracking with something that you know is where you belong, something close to your heart that seems to have been lost.  And you have the endurance, faith and patience to keep looking for it – and you will most assuredly find it in the end.


Seed Degree: Sagittarius – 3


No one is sure the journey has ended. (Omega Symbol). Becoming open to the possibilities of farther traveling, deeper exploring and more complete healing, we delve into restricted areas to free them up.


Clouds overhead seen in a reflecting pool. (Chandra Symbol). Experiencing spiritual forces at work deep in our emotional self, we come into an awareness of what was lot and are able to find it again.


Fulfillment Degree: Sagittarius – 7


A mirror covered with a shroud. (Omega Symbol). As we continue to be more and more in touch with our true inner essence because of having released those tight, restrictive places inside ourselves, we increasingly let go of any attachment to surface appearances.


Rats with ruby eyes. (Chandra Symbol). As we become more attuned to our inner essence our perception is sharpened and we are able to see more and more deeply into all dark, shadowy, hidden places.


Omega Oracle


Marana, an ancient alchemist of Aab whose specialty was psychic massage claimed that bodies harbored sheaths of shadows which enveloped them and which she could grasp by reaching into the body of her patient.   She said that some wounds are obvious by their scars, while others were subtle and hidden and often in bodies other than the physical, such as the emotional or mental body.


I watched Marana, one day, as she worked on someone, sinking her hands deep into their skin and pulling out skeins of darkness which dripped with many strange and odd colors.   In her hands the shadows grew fainter and fainter, the colors clearer. “There,” she said when she was finished, “I have released some of the silent screams that had waited long within you for my touch. Return next week and we shall see if there are others ready to surrender themselves to me.

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