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Libra 28. A blind piano tuner. (Omega Symbol) Transforming/Receptive

(Degree Angel: MEHIEL (MAY-hee-EL) Casting Yourself in a Favorable Light, Vivification, invigoration, enlivenment)


This person lives in their own world, and yet what they do can create harmony in the lives of others. They are intent on clarifying what is going on, and on understanding the nature of things. They are very aware of disharmonies in life, and of how they can be resolved. Their knowledge comes from their intuition – their sense of how things “feel” – , and not from objectivity or rationality.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A single white swan swimming through gray mist.” There is an ability here to put others at ease and to keep situations smooth and flowing, an ability to negotiate and to bring conflict closer to resolution. This degree has an instinct for bringing out the best in other people, and for putting them at ease. Like the blind piano tuner it listens carefully, and hearing subtle disharmonies, corrects them by gently modifying the situation until, step by step, everything becomes clearer.

Pleiadian Symbol: Walking on a rainbow people cross a dark ocean.

Azoth Symbol: In a harbor the colossal statue of a goddess.

Seed degree: Pisces 1. At sunset a petrified forest glows with iridescence. (Omega symbol). Having a sensitivity to the many, glowing shades of meaning that are based in timeless truths, we are able to direct our intention toward the creation of harmony.

A field of dandelions. (Chandra Symbol). Empowered by proliferating joy we are able to move through all situations with a gentle, fluid self-assurance.

Fulfillment degree: Cancer 18.
Gnomes creating beautiful and ornate metalwork. (Omega Symbol). When we find ways of positively using our abilities to create harmony we can then tackle with others the arduous tasks of manifesting our ideas in the physical world, in a way that is both beautiful and useful.

A black child playing with a tiger. (Chandra Symbol). Finding true poise and the self-assurance to move gracefully through the uncertainties of life, we find that our intuitiveness and innocence allows us to deal with even the most dangerous of situations.


The blind piano tuner Adrianus of Peth was an adept at creative mistuning. If he knew the work which was to be played on a keyboard, he could tune the keys so that they were subtly out of tune in a way that enhanced the sound of the music, making sad, dolorous works so much more deeply sad by the vague inharmonies of the notes, and joyous works so much more joyous by strange disharmonies that kindled a fiery ecstasy in the ears.

It was noted by listeners that even when the same work was played at different times after he had tuned the keyboard the work never sounded the same, nor, he said, could he ever duplicate the same effect. For the Angels of Sound who guided his hands explained to him that they always had new sounds to bring into the world, and had no time to revisit sounds of the past, which might be revisited only through entering the realms of memory.

And so, with each tuning he created new music, but rather than through notes of his own combining, through notes of his own divising.

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