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* Cancer-20


Degree Angel: Haamiah (He-AH-mee-YAH) Circuitry, Ritual and ceremony, Manifesting/Inspired




Omega Symbol: A keyboard which plays colors.


You have a deep understanding of many things, and are in sympathetic rapport with so much. It can all have a very elusive quality though, always coming and going, appearing and disappearing. You need to know that this is OK, that there is a higher security to be had in the flux of spiritual energies, rather than in mere surface stability and physical security in this world.


Pleiadian Symbol: Singing and laughter echoing through a network of canals.


Finding the freedom to express the self even within limitations and restrictions. The quest for the joy one senses lurking in life’s labyrinth.


Chandra Symbol: Many brightly colored tropical fish.


Both the colors of the Omega Symbol and the fish of the Chandra Symbol move, flow, and flicker. Fish signify understanding. This is a Taurean degree and so has to do with the process of integration. The integration here, though, is not of the nature of building blocks or set formulas, but is very mutative and unpredictable, always yielding new, surprising and beautifully fluid combinations. This degree is at heart a true artist – not one who consciously and objectively carries out their work, but one who is caught up in it and swept away by it. And, if only they can stay on this wavelength it can be so very uplifting, energizing and refreshing to other people.


Azoth Symbol: A poet mesmerizing listeners with his wondrous poems.


The transforming power of sharing one’s personal joy and wonder with others in a dramatic, expressive manner.  A deep desire to express onesself and in doing so to hold the attention of others and communicate to them one’s interior visions.


Seed Degree: Scorpio – 22


A mountain of old shoes. (Omega Symbol). Having understood things in so many different ways, and having realized that each one of these ways is not the ultimate one, we realize the glorious spectrum of reality on which the music of the universe is played.


A rug woven out of rags. (Chandra Symbol). When we let go of old, worn out and no longer needed identities and allow their accumulated totality to form a basis for our understanding, we find ourselves envisioning a wonderful array of extremely varied insights.


Fulfillment Degree: Taurus – 10


A wondrous perfume that follows a man wherever he goes. (Omega Symbol). The symphonies which the keyboard of colors has played become the perfume of memories that envelop us with their allurement and mystery.


A man exhaling clouds of iridescent smoke. (Chandra Symbol). So many different and varied understandings merge and blend within us until we feel the poetic urge to let them flow forth from ourselves.


Omega Oracle


It was a female alchemist who discovered that rainbows are actually musical instruments. She invented a keyboard for them so that her long, white fingers might cause the colors to flicker and glow over a particular lake where she most loved to play, especially at twilight and after a rainstorm. Far into the sky and deep into the lake the colors’ delicate effulgence created fugues of light, darting through the atmosphere like schools of fish, or the luminous threads of a spontaneous tapestry giving birth to itself.


The colors rejoiced in the silence of their iridescent music.

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