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* Leo-2


Degree Angel: Daniel (DA-nee-EL) Enough is Never Enough, Eloquence, Manifesting/Sensitive




Omega Symbol: On the surface of water, flecks of dust floating.


It is best if you keep yourself continually fluid, as a means of coping with the heaviness of life. Dust signifies the remnants of the past, the water is your emotional being. The dust needs to sink, so that the water can carry it away. But the past floats on the water, resisting absorption – it is poised, waiting, yearning to persist, fearing absorption and transformation. If you allow the dust to sink it will feel like death to you, but it is what you need – to allow the remnants of your old identity to be washed away, continually, as you shed them.


Pleiadian Symbol: Among a host of dreamers a dream spreads like wildfire.


Being a catalyst for the imagination of others, which requires lightness and focused awareness. Attunement to group ideals. Realizing and feeding the shared vision, which, of course, requires the magnified listening of the Chandra Symbol.


Chandra Symbol: A horn of brass to be used as a hearing aid.


You have acute hearing, the question is, what are you listening to? Is it the promptings of your higher self, or are you only selectively hearing those things that will support your fears and neuroses, and your rigidly held beliefs about yourself? Your careful listening can channel in tremendous wisdom – it all depends on the direction in which you point your horn.


Azoth Symbol:   An argument over a detail of metaphysics


The clarification of truth and the attempt to sharpen the accuracy of one’s understanding as a means of overcoming the confusions and uncertainties that can result from simplistic dogmas.  The continual urge to refine one’s perception of spiritual reality.


Seed Degree: Aries – 17


A man riding a horse north as he searches for the kingdom of the fairies. (Omega symbol). Searching for those subtle, elusive realms of wonder and beauty we find the heaviness within us lightened and refined by the clarity and purity of our emotions.


A bodiless head asleep on the beach. (Chandra Symbol). In deep, profound contemplation our senses our magnified, opening us up to vast new realms.


Fulfillment Degree: Taurus – 11


A man jumping into a river, melting and flowing away. (Omega Symbol). Becoming light and buoyant in our attitude we ware able to enter the flow of time in an egoless and hence total way.


A woman with flames for hair. (Chandra Symbol). Listening deeply to spirit our mind is ignited and burns with the fire of creativity.


Omega Oracle


Both water and air love the dust, water because it can turn it into mud – much loved of flowers – and air because it can help the dust to fly like microscopic angels. As mud, dust flows together into one great shadow, as dust floating in air each microscopic angel casts its own miniscule shadow, the collective dust shadows softening the sun’s harshness, especially in autumn, when they reduce the fierce yellow to a tender gold.


But for now the dust motes float on water, not quite angels and not quite mud. Sometimes it is such a pleasure to exist in the middle.

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