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Libra 18. Waking in the night, a man feels an earthquake. (Omega Symbol) Manifesting/Receptive

(Degree Angel Name: NITHAEL (NIT-ha-EL) The Death of Death, Rejuvenation and Eternal Youth)


The force of evolution will inevitably induce the release of any illusions which stand in its way. When these releases come, the extent to which we benefit from them depends on our reactions to them. If we can flow with them and allow their force to loosen and clear whatever in us we are ready to let go of, we will receive maximum benefit from their healing potential. This degree acutely senses change and knows how to subtly foster it.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A woman carefully counting the beans in a jar.” Through this simple act of quantification this degree seeks a sign, a portent that manifests in the numerological significance in the number of beans. This is one of the simplest and homeliest of all the symbols, but it contains more than what appears on the surface. For the beans have a limited number, and yet planted and allowed to grow and produce through an indefinite and potentially infinite number of cycles they are unlimited. And so this degree is about perceiving the infinite within the seemingly limited reality around oneself, and this simple act of perception actually fosters the infinite’s healing force.

In both the Omega and Chandra symbols of this degree very little action is taken on the part of the people involved. In the Omega it is a mere witnessing, in the Chandra it is only the act of counting. The minimization of DOING here magnifies the potency of BEING and WITNESSING, which subtly enhances and supports the forces of evolution.

Pleiadian Symbol: Lost children are found many years later. They haven’t aged. The recapturing of innocence, just as the counting of the beans in the jar of the Chandra Symbol is an innocent, childlike activity. Freedom from the need to have reasons for one’s activity, for the child self is in need of connecting and expressing its curiosity.

Azoth Symbol: In the ruins of an ancient city an undiscovered passageway into an immense network of caves. Exploring the past and finding new information and aspects hidden there. This shakes up the psyche just as the earthquake of the Omega Symbol does, allowing for the emergence of the child self of the other two symbols.

Seed degree: Scorpio 1. A man suspended in the air watches everything from a great height. (Omega Symbol). Being able to elevate ourselves above everyday experience so that we may gain a clearer perspective on life, we are able to feel those energies at work in the depths of ourselves.

A tunnel through a mountain. (Chandra Symbol). Persistently finding a way through that which obstructs us, we learn to read the portents and signs that are everywhere around us.

Fulfillment degree: Virgo 17. A scientist discovers the secret of time travel. (Omega Symbol). The instabilities of life are finally perceived as means of overcoming seemingly adamant limitations.

An old bald woman talking to her dog. (Chandra Symbol). Finding significance everywhere we look we are willing to let go of logic and rationality, so that we are allowed free communion with our instincts.


What he thought was an inner trembling turned out to be an outer trembling. The earth was shivvering as if cold, or as if it had had a vague, unpleasant dream.

Abruptly the quivvering subsided.

Falling back asleep he thought for a moment of tidal waves, of interrupted waterfalls, of rivers changing their course, of stones succumbing to gravity. Below him he felt the earth thinking of stars. This is what it always did to calm itself.

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