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d186 150 150 John Sandbach

Libra 6. On a long voyage, many icebergs encountered. (Omega Symbol) Interacting/Experimental

(Degree Angel: MIKAEL (MI-ka-EL) Revealing the Concealed, Political Authority and Order)


You do not operate by agendas, for you are always aware that everything is changing, and so the path ahead also changes. You sense the feelings of everyone around you, especially the emotional places of blockage and pain, and know how to move with and through these in a smooth, almost invisible manner. You have the potential of getting a tremendous amount of things accomplished, albeit usually slowly and gradually.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A baby with two sets of teeth.” This degree has a great desire to take in nourishment from all its relationships. It’s question is always “of what value is this encounter to me – what can I give to it, and what can I get from it?” It senses the spiritual truth that nothing comes its way that is not for the purpose of furthering its spiritual development, and so it is eager to assimilate experiences, to “chew on” them so as to get the most nutritional benefit out of them possible. It doesn’t like let go of anything until it understands it, or at least feels it has gotten something of what it needs from it.

All of this is carried out in a very innocent, open manner that will inevitably lead to the problems alluded to by the icebergs of the Omega Symbol, but which can benefit the soul tremendously.

Pleiadian Symbol: A wandering landscape searching for a canvas on which to dwell. The bringing of beauty and meaning to anything by forming and containing it so that it communicates a meaningful picture. The baby of the Chandra Symbol is eager to feed, digest and assimilate so it can grow. It’s spirit has limited itself in a human form so it may spiritually evolve, just as the landscape wants to limit itself so as to intensify its beauty and reveal through itself the workings of cosmic energy.

Azoth Symbol: At land’s end a high rock and on it a tower. The intensification of the perception of the relationship between the physical self and the emotional self, which reveals the knowledge of how the body manifests our karmic involvement. This allows us to perceive and deal with the emotional blockages symbolized by the ice bergs of the Omega Symbol.

Seed degree: Gemini 6. In the far north an ancient tower carved of ice. (Omega Symbol). Going to a place of stillness and calm where we can view existence from a higher perspective gives us the energy and focus needed to thread our way through life’s difficulties and challenges.

A claw foot holding a ball. (Chandra Symbol). When we have been able to intuitively grasp the essence of knowledge in all its perfection, we next seek out ways to assimilate it so that it become a part of us. And we feel a drive to do this in such a way that we do not become one-sided in our experience of it, but are always maintaining a sense of the mystic duality of all truth.

Fulfillment degree: Virgo 16. A woman cutting the thorns off roses. (Omega Symbol). Having moved through so many difficulties and learned the art of avoiding obstructions, we feel a need to facilitate the flowering of love and to protect others from potentially dangerous influences.

A jar of camphor crystals. (Chandra Symbols). Our innocent desires to deeply assimilate experiences and to understand how everything has two sides develops in us the power to ward off all discordant influences.


It should have been a frightening experience, its dangers harrowing, but, luckily, the ship was a ghost ship.

And, since it had no schedule to maintain, it was free to stop at any and all icebergs that captured the travelers’ fancies, allowing them to disembark and sun themselves on the melting slopes, or bask in the deeps of night in moonlight, which was, in the open sea and on the bergs, at its most oceanically bluest.

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