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* Cancer-18


Degree Angel: Menadel (Meh-na-DEL) Fear(less), Inner/outer work, Manifesting/Receptive




Omega Symbol: Gnomes creating beautiful and ornate metalwork.


You have a strong need to express yourself, and to create something that others will enjoy and be uplifted by. You have a great willingness to work with other people for the common good, and don’t mind taking on difficult or arduous projects. You have the ability to turn what is ugly or negative into something beautiful, even though the transformation may be tremendously challenging.


Pleiadian Symbol: A mother bird and her chicks taking a dust bath.


Both learning and teaching the ability to ground ones thinking in practical, physical reality. The need to come back and connect with practical reality after flights of the mind.


Chandra Symbol: A black child playing with a tiger.


Innocence toying with power can, on the one hand be dangerous, but if it is innocent enough, that innocence can protect it. The Gnomes of the Omega Symbol work with something that is very resistive – the metal, whereas the child interacts with something very volatile. In both cases a challenge is taken up, the challenge of creating something wonderful, and the challenge of meeting power head on. Love is what will ultimately tame the tiger, and patience and attentiveness is what will ultimately create the beautiful metalwork.


Azoth Symbol: A man playing traditional airs on an old lute.


A vivid recreation of uplifting memories so that they may be appreciated by others. Just as the man plays the lute, in the Chandra Symbol the child plays with the tiger, and as he does he tames it.


Seed Degree: Libra – 28


A blind piano tuner. (Omega Symbol). Focusing our senses so that we may become more attuned to the harmonies of the universe, we find we have prepared ourselves for the executing of creative tasks – often ones that are arduous, but which will have lasting results.


A single white swan swimming through gray mist. (Chandra Symbol). When we can innocently and gently interact with our power and not be afraid of it, we take on a cosmic poise that allows us to move gracefully through all difficulties and uncertainties.


Fulfillment Degree: Pisces – 9


A ghost peacefully coexisting with a family in a house. (Omega Symbol). Patiently and with focus pursuing our creative tasks, we automatically learn to allow all other beings to do what they do without judgement.


Dusk. A vampire awakens. (Chandra Symbol). Allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and to contact our own power we find that our deepest fears and desires emerge from our unconscious.


Omega Oracle


Deep in the mountain’s belly furnaces are being continually fed to keep the forges glowing, as artisans hammer the heated iron, patiently drawing and twisting it into the shapes of flora and fauna that in nature are born and pass away, but in iron will cool and live for untold centuries, impervious to winters and winds and the rot that vanishes living things, records blessed by the gods of death and memory.

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