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d18-2 150 150 John Sandbach

* Aries-18


Degree Angel: CALIEL (KA-lee-EL) Fertility, Justice, Manifesting/Receptive




Omega Symbol: Sitting in the Lotus posture, a monk’s deceased body is incorruptible.


You are so able to concentrate on what you’re doing that you can outdo yourself, and through this can open up to new levels of being. You need to be very wary of taking in the advice of others, for something in you knows what it is doing despite your probable inability to explain or justify it. Hanging out between worlds allows you to be a free agent, a go-between, a bringer of light into the realm of darkness.


Pleiadian Symbol: Deep in the forest Titania’s ancient stone throne covered with moss.


Awareness of the power and glory of one’s fairy aspect, and the ability to claim this in a light, gentle way.  A deep respect for the sensitivities of both oneself and others and the power to protect these from anything crude, harsh, or insensitive.


Chandra Symbol: A jellyfish.


The jellyfish is delicate and vulnerable, unlike the incorruptible flesh of the monk. But what they share is a transparency – literal on the part of the jellyfish, and of a higher, vibrational sort in the monk, who has “seen through” the corruptibility of matter into the shining eternity of the soul, thereby uplifting, refining and perfecting the physical self. This is not to say that everyone who possesses this degree can do this, but it is to say that this degree brings the awareness of this potential – the ability to know intuitively the nature of matter’s illusion.


Azoth Symbol: Space aliens inviting some humans to come and see their world.


Listening to the call of that which is utterly remote, and a willingness to travel to faraway places, even if it means leaving your familiar frame of reference far behind your for a time.  To do so requires the transparency of the jellyfish of the Chandra Symbol. You have a deep sense of how enriching the unknown can be.


Seed Degree: Libra – 25


New words magically appearing in a dictionary. (Omega Symbol). Ever greater and clearer communication carries us into contact with the eternal.


In the midst of a forest, a great circular open area. (Chandra Symbol). A secret space is opened up in which we are protected and can therein become vulnerable and light.


Fulfillment Degree: Virgo – 2


A table on which many healings have been performed. (Omega Symbol). The transcendence of others provide a groundwork upon which future healings can occur.


A man hanging upside down from a tree. (Chandra Symbol). Finding lightness and subtlety within, we are able to accept our karma and wait patiently for eventual liberation.


Omega Oracle


For two hundred years he’s been sitting there, on his dais, legs folded, eyes closed, a vague smile on his face. For those who need to be able to see beyond the disintegration of all things, for those who thirst to believe in that realm beyond change. One day he shall suddenly turn to dust, his clothes gently collapsing into a pile. When the legend is ready to be born.

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